Comings & Goings

December 13, 2018
WELCOME: Mark von Hagen, Cook, Carrillo Dining Commons…Ulysses McKeown, Project Manager, Residential Operations…Mikhail Agladze, Cook, Portola Dining Commons…Levi Garretson, RHA Finances Administrative Assistant, Business & Financial Planning…Herlinda Carrillo, Sr. Custodian, Residential Operations…Daniel Dionicio, Sr. Custodian, Carrillo Dining Commons...Gabrielle Coulousi, Administrative Analyst, Associate Vice Chancellor's Office...and Mario Gonzalez, Auto Equipment Operator, Residential Operations.
TRANSITIONS: Emmalee Schroeder was promoted to Catering Manager at the University Center…Oscar Luna was promoted to Lead Laborer in Residential Operations…Francisco Flores was promoted to Principal Dinner Cook at Ortega Dining Commons…Stephanye Lagunes was promoted to Principal Cook at Tenaya Market & Eatery…Christopher Lyon was promoted to Administrative Financial Analyst, UCen Food Service...Jean Singer of the UCSB Campus Store transitioned from Course Materials Assistant Manager to Accounting Assistant Manager...Rosanna Redfearn, Sr. Custodian, transferred from Carillo Dining Commons to Residential Operations...and Armando Garcia was promoted to Sr. Building Maintenance Worker.   
FAREWELL: Gumaro Salazar, Groundskeeper, recently retired...Peter Bent, Principal Cook, recently retired...Tanawan Boonyarattaphan, Lead Food Service Worker, recently retired...Jessica Fougere is now working at the UCSB Police Department as the Clery Act Compliance Coordinator...and Sheila Lu's last day at UCSB is January 11. She accepted a position at Oxnard College.