Comings & Goings

June 12, 2018
WELCOME: Maria Sanchez, Sr. Custodian, Residential Operations…Joaquin Villegas, Cook, Carrillo Dining Commons…Sara Kelly, Events & Catering Sales Manager, The Club & Guest House…Jesus Beltran, Night Custodial Crew Leader, Carrillo Dining Commons…Jacques Manoux, Personnel Manager, Ortega Dining Commons…Keaton Thompson, HVAC Mechanic, Residential Operations…Zhan Baikeshev, Painter, Residential Operations…Nicole Laughlin, Asst Office Manager, De la Guerra Dining Commons…Deborah Klein, Catering Sales Manager, University Center…and, Jose Ayon-Nevarez, Assistant Manager, The Arbor.           
TRANSITIONS: Noah Owens was promoted to Housing Services Analyst in Residential & Community Living…Jill Horst was promoted to Executive Director of Campus Dining…Marlene Cohen was promoted to Associate Director of Custodial & Landscaping Services, Residential Operations…Oscar Ramirez was promoted to a Conduct Officer in Residential & Community Living…Roberto Pizano was promoted to Business & Financial Planning Analyst…Bradley Gray was promoted to Materiel & Logistics Manager, Residential Operations…Andrew Jordan was promoted to Assistant Director of Business & Finance, Residential Dining…Michael Anthony Ahedo was promoted to Sr. Cook, Special Events Catering…Latrece Seneca was promoted to Associate Director at UCSB Orientation Programs & Parent Services…and, Isaac Aguirre was promoted to Lead Groundskeeper, Residential Operations.
FAREWELL: Isidro Rodriguez-Gallegos, Sr. Custodian, Residential Operations…Jason Elkin, HVAC Mechanic, Residential Operations…Madeline Francis Moore, Events & Catering Sales Manager, The Club & Guest House…Nikita Corbliss, Sr. Cook, transferred to UC Santa Cruz…Chris Arguedas & Christina Nielsen, Resident Directors…Courtney Carlson, Zac Galvan, Steffi Huynh, Sandy Isozaki, John Pavia, Cierra Russell, Paul Tadross, & Amanda Zachwieja, Assistant Resident Directors…and, Jose Gamez & Sweets Underwood, Assistant Complex Coordinators...and, Randy Bittner & Carlos Vega, after a lifetime of service, are both retiring. 
Carlos Vega has held a multitude of positions with UCen Dining. He started as a pot washer at 18, then assistant cook, baker, Wendy’s manager before it was Root 217, Coral Tree manager, and finally Courtyard Café manager. In between each of these jobs Carlos volunteered for numerous catering events, and worked too many to count Father’s Day commencement weekends. He has always been willing to help someone, whether it is work related or personal. Carlos would bring customers something he grew from his garden including avocados, apricots, apples, zucchini, onions, jalapenos, etc. Carlos is an avid fisherman. During the summer months, you will find him off the beach floating in a tube either at Ledbetter or one of the beaches off UCSB. He has always worked hard and gave 110%. He will be missed after retiring with 38 years of service. 
Randy Bittner was born in Grinnell, Iowa. After a few very cold winters and the thought of possibly working a farm, he kept trying to convince his parents that a move to California was a good idea. The family finally relented and moved to Goleta, California when he was three. Randy began his career in culinary arts. He started at the Upham Hotel then transferred to the University Center as an assistant cook. In 6 months he was promoted to a full cook and 6 months later as lead cook. In 1981 he began working for Facilities Management as a custodian where he eventually became a Custodial Supervisor. Randy has worked as a custodian in every building on campus. Randy decided to move to Housing & Residential Services in 1987 where he replaced Mary White at Anacapa and was eventually promoted to Residence Hall Manager in 1991. Randy has always been known as the person to go to when you need a great tool or product. His aptitude helped him to become the Physical Resources Specialist for Residential Operations since 2005. Randy retires with 39 years of service. He will be missed.
               Terry Paul & Carlos Vega                                                                             Randy Bittner & Willie Brown