The Charles T. Munger KITP Residence

December 19, 2018
Building Partnerships with the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics 
The new Charles T. Munger KITP Residence Hotel is visually stunning inside and out, and gets rave reviews from visitors and staff alike. It opened in January 2017 to house world renowned visiting scholars participating in the KITP program and provide a comfortable environment for them to relax and/or continue to collaborate outside of the office. In fact collaboration is the theme of this family –friendly facility with multiple indoor and outdoor congregation spaces, chalkboards in every room, a child playroom, and a large open use kitchen. The facility is fully furnished, and anywhere from 30-90 people are housed there at a given time, approximately 85-90% of the programs visitors.
Many Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises (HDAE) departments have collaborated to make the visitor experience truly world class. Residential Operations provides 4 full-time staff who clean and maintain the visitor rooms and community spaces, the Grounds team maintains the landscaping, and Emergency Maintenance provides after hours support. Administrative & Residential Information Technology’s (ARIT) ResNet team provides wireless internet throughout the facility and helped to create a user log on system. Transportation and Parking Services worked with KITP to create 3 short-term unloading parking spaces in lot 53, and works with KITP to verify and permit their visitors to park on campus. Residential & Community Living continues to provide housing for additional visitors in Storke and West Campus apartments. James Brill, the previous Residence Manager, had built a strong relationship with these various HDAE units, which largely contributed to the building’s smooth opening while still under construction. The collaboration and strong relationship continues successfully with a familiar and friendly face, Carlos Marquez, the new Residence Manager.
The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics brings scholars from all over the world together to collaborate and theorize on physics related topics. As many as 1,000 scholars participate in this program annually, and are often invited to participate two years in advance. The program also focuses on staying connected with the UCSB campus. KITP lectures are open to campus community, and they frequently host Science Pub night at the SOhO.
By Danielle Reed