All Hall Brawl

March 18, 2015
UCSB Residence Halls Association All Hall Brawl

The Thunderdome roared with screams, chants and the occasional bullhorn on Thursday, February 5th as students from each Residence Hall gathered to cheer on their Hall at the greatest event of the year, ALL HALL BRAWL, hosted by the Residence Halls Association (RHA). Halls prepare all year long to face off in a wide array of competitions ranging from dodgeball and tug-o-war, to building a Lego Car! Hall residents came decked out in their hall colors and mascots with the hope of taking home the trophy and bragging rights for the year. Hall mascots held a dance battle in the middle of the court, where “Rosita the Rhino” (The Santa Rosa Mascot) led students in a cheer while the Santa Cruz Shark and Santa Catalina North Sea Turtle pumped up their teams!

Many awards were given away that evening including the Spirit Award that was given to the hall that showed the most UCSB pride and selfies with the rubber duck for the #iHeartUCSB campaign. San Nicolas Hall, the spirit award winner, decorated their rubber duck with flying wings to represent their Phoenix mascot. Their duck was showcased in more than 300 selfies on Instagram! At the end of the night, the Anacapa Anacondas won the trophy with a victory in the final dodgeball tournament.

by Jeanmarie Levy

Photos by Jeanmarie Levy and Sara Maroofi.