Education Abroad Student

education abroad student
STUDENTS COMING to UCSB through the Education Abroad Program (EAP) are eligible for University Housing, pending availability. EAP student are eligible for two types of university-owned accommodations: residence halls or apartments. Residence halls have meal plans, social and educational activities, and more interaction with the staff. University apartments are ideal for students who want a more independent lifestyle.
  • Accommodation in university apartments is not guaranteed, but EAP students are eligible to apply. Any available apartment spaces will be awarded by a lottery system. Apartments do not come with a meal plan; however you can purchase an Off Campus Meal Plan.
  • In the residence halls, EAP students are placed in San Rafael and Manzanita Village. Meal plans are included, and you can select unlimited, 17, 14, 10, and 7 meals per week. You can also choose to live in a room with single, double, or triple occupancy.
  • Please visit our Contracts page for more information.
  • Housing during University closures: Residence halls traditionally close during Winter and Spring breaks. In order to accommodate primarily international and out of state students, we provide housing during closures for those who cannot go home. Since the university is officially closed, only minimal services are provided during these times (i.e. no meal service and only emergency staffing.) Please indicate your request for this special housing on the personal preference form.
  • Community Housing Services can help EAP students find and apply for privately-owned accommodations in the community.
  • Tips for International Students Interested in Privately-owned Accommodations in the Community
  • EAP Student Guide regarding Housing
  • Regularly admitted international students should visit the Our Communities page for their class level. 
  • If you are interested in a University-affiliated residence halls or apartments adjacent to UCSB, please visit Tropicana Student Living.