UCSB Housing Contracts Now Available!

January 7, 2016

Looking for housing for 2016-17? UCSB Housing contracts are now available! At Housing & Residential Services, we foster a vibrant, inclusive, comfortable, and safe environment for our residents, and we invite you to be part of our community!

UCSB Residence Halls
January 5-8: Contracts open for room retention for current UCSB Housing residents.
January 11-February 15: Contracts open for general room selection and roommate pull-in for current residents in any UCSB housing.
January 21-February 15: Non-residents (students not currently in UCSB housing) can sign a contract and complete general room selection for a residence hall space.

UCSB Apartments
January 5-8: Contracts open for room retention for current UCSB Housing residents.
January 11-20: Contracts open for general room selection and roommate pull-in for current apartment residents, and residence hall residents in their 2nd year or higher.
January 11-20: Non-residents (students who do not currently live in UCSB housing) currently in their 2nd year or higher, can apply for the UCSB apartment lottery. (Space is not guaranteed. Lottery results will be available by January 27, 2016.)

You will not sign a contract until you book a space, so you’ll know exactly where you’ll be living for 2016-17 by this winter! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here and we'll respond. We're here to help!

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I've applied to the school as a transfer student for fall 2016, I wanted to know when I am to apply for housing/apartments?

housing for new transfer students

Hi, Last year's application period for new transfer students was May 1 - June 10, 2015 so it will most likely be similar to that. Here's the web page where you would apply for new transfer housing when the time comes: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/applications/transfer-students

Hi, what kind are stoves

Hi, what kind are stoves (electric/gas) are in the Santa Ynez, El Dorado, Westwinds, and Westgate apartments? Will there be tours available for El Dorado and Westwinds? How many sinks are in a Westwinds 1 bedroom bathroom? Is it possible to see a Westgate floor plan?


Hi There, There are gas stoves in Santa Ynez, El Dorado, Westwinds and Westgate apartments! Unfortunately, there will not be tours available for El Dorado and Westwinds but you can view a virtual tour here: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/virtual-tours. I am under the impression there is only 1 sink in a Westwinds 1bd bathroom. You can also check here to view more information about Westwinds: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/residences/westwinds. Hope this helps! Thanks, Mandy


Sorry, I meant to ask if it was possible to see a Westwinds floor plan. Thanks.

Room Change

Hi, I completed the room selection process for my roommate and I but we realized we booked the wrong house in Manzanita Village. Is there any way we can change our selection?

room change

Hi, call Res Hall Assignment Svcs 805.893.5513. They will change your booking as long as what you want to switch to is still available. Good luck!

Manzanita housing

Hi, I am currently a freshman but was unable to apply for housing until a month after everyone since I live at Tropicana Del Norte which is university owned, is there any way to get into Manzanita if space opens up?

Manzanita Housing

Hi Yasmine, I would recommend calling the Res Hall Assignment Services at 805.893.5513. They should be able to answer any questions you have regarding Tropicana and university housing. Thanks, Mandy

Housing Waiting List

Hello, I am currently a freshman but I could not apply for housing. So I applied for the waiting list, what are my chances of living in a residential room?

housing waiting list

Hi, We recommend you contact University & Community Housing Services (the folks that handle contracts) and ask them this question since they maintain the waiting list and know what is/isn't available. They can be reached at housinginfo@housing.ucsb.edu or 805-893-4371. Thank you, and good luck!


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