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November 23, 2015

2016-17 UCSB Housing Contracts available starting January 2016

As part of the University, we are here for you for your entire UCSB experience! We have the 2&2 plan to maximize your housing experience at a great value. Students who live in the residence halls for 2 years are guaranteed housing in UCSB apartments for their 3rd and 4th years.

New this year is self-assignments for all residence halls and undergraduate apartments, as well as the ability to retain your current space. As a current resident, you’ll have the unique privilege to pick exactly where you’ll be living in 2016-17. Starting in January 2016, there will be three phases to the contract process:

#1 Like where you currently live? Contracts open for room retention.
#2 Want to move to a different building and/or pick a specific roommate? Contracts open for general room selection and roommate pull-in. Non-residents can sign up for a residence hall space at this time as well.
#3 Live in IV but want to move into a UCSB apartment? Non-residents can apply for the UCSB apartment lottery.  

You will not sign a contract until you book a space, so you’ll know exactly where you’ll be living for 2016-17 by this winter!

Some perks of living in UCSB Housing…

  • 9-month all-inclusive contract (No figuring out bills with your roommates, no 1st & last month rent required in advanced, no security deposits, no summer sub-letting, no utility bills, and no-cosigning a 12-month lease with a “joint & several clause,” which means if a roommate fails to pay rent, everyone is responsible.)
  • If you live in the Residence Halls, a meal plan is included for the all-you-care-to-eat Dining Commons (Local, organic & sustainable food whenever possible! No shopping or cooking food, & no washing dishes. An Off Campus Meal Plan is available for non-residence hall residents.)
  • 24-hr on-call maintenance
  • High-speed internet
  • Furnishings
  • On-site Laundry Facilities
  • Employment & leadership opportunities
  • Social & educational programming
  • Staff available for after-hours assistance & community building
  • Recreation & Fitness Rooms
  • Volleyball & Basketball Courts
  • Quiet Hours
  • Community Centers
  • We are UCSB! (We are dedicated to the academic mission of UCSB and for providing the best housing experience!)

Contracts will be available in January 2016. Stay tuned for more information via UMail, DigiKnow, and our social media channels. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here and we'll respond. We're here to help!


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Transfer housing

What are the options for transfer students? Is there a separate housing for transfers or do all fisrt years live in the same hosing area?

transfer housing

hi, are you a current student now at UCSB?

Transfer housing

I am a transfer student. Starting January 2016. Would like to know about housing. Will I get to live with 3rd year students?

transfer housing

Yes, most likely. Did you apply for the UCSB apartments? If you haven't heard about the status of your application yet, please email them at Thanks!

San Clemente

How do the self assignments work? And what will go on with the extra spots in San Clemente that undergrad students want?

san clemente

hi, you'll log on and it will show you what's still available, and then you book where you want to live, sign a contract, and it's yours! I'm not sure I understand your 2nd question. The "extra spots" if available for undergrads, will be part of the general room selection. First people will have the option to do room retention, and once those spaces have been booked, rooms will then be available for general self-assignment. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

2&2 Program with Studying Abroad

If you lived 2 years in university housing but plan to study abroad one semester the third or fourth year, are you still guaranteed a space in uni housing when you come back? (In other words, does the 2&2 program still apply?)

studying abroad

Hi, EAP students that were continuous residents previous to participating in EAP receive priority. Just make sure you apply on time for housing for the quarter you're returning to UCSB. Thanks!

Uni Housing Tour Times?

I saw online that the tours for university housing are on Jan 7th and Jan 13th. What times will they be held at?

tour times

hi, exact times should be finalized by the end of this week. Thank you!


Hello I would wish to have two roommates, but during the pass time to apply for the dorms I only had added one roommate to my application. Would I be able to get another random roommate even though I am a second year(if that has something to do with it)? If yes, how can I check?


Hi Rubi, do you know where you self-assigned yourself? If you put yourself into a triple occupancy room you should have 2 other roommates. To view who your roommates are and to see their umail address, please visit: Hope this helps!


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