#UCSB Vice Chancellor Michael Young fulfills his UC Promise for Education & Continues to Serve Students... Lunch

June 27, 2014
This past fall, the University of California Office of the President launched the Promise for Education fundraising campaign in an effort that raised over $1.3 million for undergraduate students. During the six-week crowdfunding campaign, anyone could make a promise, set a funding goal, and share it on their social networking channels. Participants could dedicate funds raised to a specific UC campus, or to the UC system. Vice Chancellor Young made good on his promise -- “I promise to switch jobs for a day with UCSB Associated Students President Jonathan Abboud, as well as shadow at least four other UCSB staff members during the winter quarter!” -- and spent a day working in De La Guerra Dining Commons. His efforts raised over $2,000 for scholarships for UCSB students.

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