Thinking About Bringing Your Car to UCSB?

August 8, 2016
ucsb parking structure

Don’t! We recommend you leave your car at home, since everything you need is within close proximity. Most students use a bike for transportation. The UCSB bike paths, which cover about 7 miles, are used by an estimated 14,000 people daily.

Students residing in the UCSB Residence Halls are not guaranteed a campus parking space and are encouraged to use other means of transportation to travel to off campus destinations. Student fees go to paying for MTD bus usage so all students have unlimited use with a campus ID sticker.

If you will be bringing a car, you will need to wait to purchase a permit until you receive your room assignment information.

Permit Information:

  • Residence Halls (except Santa Catalina): Permit prices differ depending on what lot you choose.
  • Santa Catalina Residence Hall: Permits for Santa Catalina are only in Lots 30 & 38.

Parking permits for all of our residence halls are issued through Transportation & Parking Services (TPS). For more details go to our Parking & Transportation page

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Parking near Santa Catalina

I heard that Santa Catalina's parking structure is under construction. If so, where would a student park if they lived in Santa Catalina?

parking for Santa Catalina residents

hi, Santa Catalina residents park in Lots 30 or 38. You can find more info here:

Parking permits

If parking isn't guaranteed, then if I buy a parking permit will it be useless? Shouldn't parking permits guarantee a spot since there are only a limited number of spaces available? I want to bring a car because I live an hour away.

Parking permits

Hi Isabella, When we say parking isn't guaranteed we mean that permits are sold on a first-come first-served basis. TPS will only sell permits in accordance to the number of spots in that parking lot. We do advise people to wait till assignments come out to purchase their permits because we have various parking lots for the Residence Halls. I would check out this page for more information: Hope this helps! Mandy

Santa Catalina Parking

So if santa catalina students aren't eligible for an all year "H" permit, does that mean that I would potentially have to pay for a new parking permit everyday in lot #30 or #38? that seems like alot of money.

Santa Catalina Parking Permit

Hi Megan, Here is information on how a parking permit for Santa Catalina: This permit would be similar to the University Apartments rather than the Residence Halls "H" permit. Hope this helps!

Santa Catalina

If I am to live in Santa Catalina, where is parking available? Should I apply for a parking permit if I ride a motorcycle? Is there a parking structure still under construction for Santa Catalina? Thanks in advance!

parking at santa catalina

Hi, parking for Santa Catalina is off-site, adjacent to the stadium in lots 30 and 38. For more information, please visit the Parking & Transportation page: This permit is similar to the University Apartments rather than the Residence Halls "H" permit.

motorcycle parking

In the university owned apartments ( like santa ynez) do i have to buy a parking pass for my motorcycle ?

Motorcycle Parking Answer

Hi Jo, if you park in a designated motorcycle parking spot you do not have to buy a pass. For more information please visit the TPS website: Hope this helps! Mandy


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