Strategic Plan: On Our Way to 2020

August 5, 2014
A few weeks ago 23 staff members from throughout UCSB Housing & Residential Services and four students participated in our annual Strategic Plan reset conference. We spent time confirming that we are still on the right track towards reaching our 2020 Vision of "The Best Housing Experience" by providing opportunities for residents to get connected in an amazing environment through: World Class Facilities, Talented Staff Who Care, Focus on the Whole Person, and Continuous Innovation. We then began exploring what we should work on for this upcoming year that would move each outcome forward. We wanted our action items to be meaningful, a good use of resources, and student-focused. Teams for each Outcome were asked to come up with six to eight possible ideas for 2014-15. We filtered through the great ideas, and narrowed them down to what we will put into action for this upcoming year. 
World Class Facilities 2015 Outcome
“Best Practices for world-class facilities have been applied to our service delivery systems and to new and renovated projects.”
Action Items: 
-Walkabouts with students 
-Develop a facilities lifecycle schedule
-Identify gaps and opportunities for enhancements by looking at and implementing previous successful ideas   
Talented Staff Who Care 2015 Outcome
“We have pools of diverse staff ready to transition into leadership roles. We have clearly articulated paths for growth and development of caring and competent staff.”
Action Item: 
-We will create opportunities and trainings for supervisors to have access to the tools to continue to develop caring and competent staff. 
Focus on the Whole Person 2015 Outcome
“Our programs and services foster opportunities for residents to create a healthy sense of community.”
Action Item:
Collaborate with stakeholders to create a healthy sense of community through identifying, cultivating and/or establishing traditions for each residence hall.
Continuous Innovation 2015 Outcome
“We are a member of best in class organizations where innovations and trends are explored, developed and evaluated. We have systematically modified our innovations, which include initiatives in sustainability, technology, programs, and quality of services.”
Action Item:
-Explore innovative food concepts to provide convenient, flexible, and safe options within our community.
For more information, visit the Strategic Plan section on our “About Us” page. Do you have a great idea or saw something that made you say "WOW!" at another University? Let us know at our Ideas Wanted page.

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