Special Notice Concerning the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

July 9, 2020

For important updates on UC Santa Barbara campus safety precautions and associated information from county, state, and federal public health officials, please visit UCSB's COVID-19 information page and the CDC's COVID-19 website

If you have questions about housing's response to the pandemic and how it might affect your housing in the fall, please visit our COVID-19 information page for more information.



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International Freshman Housing

Hi, I have some questions. Is housing not guaranteed fall 2020? Do my room and roommate preferences on the housing contract matter? How do I request for the roommates I want? Are triples not allowed anymore? When will room assignments be announced (I would like to buy my plane ticket as soon as possible) ? Do international/out of state students get priority for housing? Do you recommend finding apartments in Isla Vista? If I don't get a dorm, what are the next steps? Thank you, Zoe


Hi Zoe, I see that you also emailed the webmaster and one of our front desk attendants answered your questions. One resource they didn't provide is a link to community rental listings. Here's that info: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/community-housing-services-general-information. Please know we realize how stressful this is for you. We are partnering with health officials and the campus to determine how many students we can safely house in each type of housing space in the Fall. This process is ongoing and evolving as we learn more about COVID-19 and adjust our response accordingly. Student safety is of paramount concern as we continue this inquiry. Thank you for your continued patience and stay well.

Housing Notifications

Good Afternoon, Just wanted to see if the university had an idea on when they would be notifying students on who will be awarded housing? Thank you.

housing notifications

We anticipate that campus leadership will give direction following an announcement by the Governor hopefully by the end of this week. Once we get final approval to move forward with plans for opening, we are prepared to act swiftly to get contract offers out within a couple days. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We know this is a very stressful situation.


We did not hear from you at the end of last week, does that mean my freshman son will not be offered housing? Will you let students who are waiting to hear about housing if the did not get housing as well as if they did? If not, how are we going to know when to pursue other alternatives? This is a stressful situation indeed.


Hi Rhonda, I'm very sorry. We haven't sent any updates, so your son could still potentially receive housing. We will definitely notify everyone whether or not they receive housing as soon as we are given the approval to proceed with offering contracts. Again, our apologies. We know this is creating a tremendous amount of stress for everyone.

housing notifications

Hi, please have your student check their u-mail. Emails are going out today in batches. In the meantime, you can also find information here: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/covid-19-information

Housing Winter Quarter 2021

What if I decide to stay home fall quarter and need housing winter quarter? Would the contract give me that option?

winter housing

Hi, you'll need to fill out a winter housing application starting in October: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/contracts/winter-spring. The academic year contract that starts in fall will not give you that option.

winter housing

If my daughter got selected for housing in the fall will she still need to apply for winter housing? And will that be done as a lottery as well?

winter housing

Hi, if she signs the contract for fall 2020 that is a contract for the entire academic year, until June 2021.

Graduate student housing

Hello, In your planning, will you please consider extending the cancellation deadline for graduate students as well? The July 15th deadline was prior to many departments making decisions about remote/in-person Fall course formats. Also, for those of us who do have Fall contracts, would it be possible to guarantee our housing for this Winter if we should cancel our Fall contracts (perhaps by using the spaces for temporary socially-distanced undergraduate housing)? Please consider this if it is possible, it would really provide some ease of mind for having to cancel outside out of our control and missing out on the guaranteed housing we received our Fall contracts under. My plans for moving in the Fall are not looking safe, as one of my family members is immunocompromised. Another example is that some international students seem to have had to cancel plans to move in the Fall due to their consulate being closed during this period and not being able to obtain VISAs. Thank you

graduate student housing

UPDATE: The deadline to cancel contracts has been extended to September 1. ------------------------------------------------- Hi Kay, I'll pass on your suggestions and concerns to our contracts folks in University & Community Housing Services. In the meantime, we highly recommend that you contact them directly as well. They can be reached at housinginfo@housing.ucsb.edu or 805-893-4371. Thanks!

Transfer Student Housing

Hello, is there any update at all with housing at UCSB. Seeing that it’s almost August I’d really like to know whether I’ll need to search for housing outside of university apartments or not.

transfer student housing

Hi Zack, I apologize, there are no updates to give at this time. We're still waiting for guidance from the State. Once we get final approval to move forward with plans for opening, we are prepared to act swiftly to get contract offers out within a couple days. We understand the stress that comes from this uncertain time and thank you for your patience. Stay safe and have a nice day.

Housing, student insurance, and tuition deadlines

The deadline to waive UCSB student insurance is 9/1. The deadline to pay Fall 2020 tuition is 9/15. Fall classes begin on 10/1. The only reason we will pay $3,453 for the student insurance is that your on campus clinic does not accept other insurance that we have including BCBS. When will we know if the student will get a room from UCSB Housing or not? If the student will not get a room from UCSB Housing, we would like to waive the student insurance. Thanks, Hsuehling

housing deadlines

Hi, please have your student check their u-mail. Emails are going out today in batches. In the meantime, you can also find information here: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/covid-19-information

Possible Univ housing contract cancellation

Since we have not yet heard whether my daughter will be allowed to live in the Univ owned apt she selected for this year, we are considering cancelling the housing contract and going with an apt in IV. Is cancellation still an option until 9/1? And will the fee be the same as it is listed on the housing website? ($350)

Housing contract cancellation

Hi, have your student check their u-mail for an email that's going out today. Most of the info in the email is also on this web page: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/covid-19-information. Cancellation is still an option and there is no fee provided it's done prior to September 1st. The website hasn't been updated to reflect this yet. Thank you!

Winter and spring housing

I’m planning on staying home for fall quarter, however, will I be able to sign a contract for Winter and Spring Quarter? In the email, UCSB said that they will add roommate in future quarters, does that mean they will send out housing offers in winter and spring? Thank you.

winter and spring housing

Hi, you'll need to fill out a winter/spring housing application starting in October: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/contracts/winter-spring. If there's space, they will be awarding contracts. As far as having roommates in the residence halls in winter/spring, it depends if it's safe to offer rooms with double occupancy at that time. I hope this answers your questions... thanks!

Freshmen Housing

I heard from a lot of students about them getting their housing contracts. When will be the last day all the contracts would be sent out?

freshmen housing

Hi, the first batch of contracts has gone out. Next Monday our contracts team will evaluate the response from this first batch and then send out another batch. We anticipate many students have already found housing elsewhere or are staying home for the fall, so I think it's realistic to assume we'll send out more next week. However, we will not know for sure until next Monday. Thank you for your patience! We know this is very stressful.

Future Housing

Hello, if I decide to stay home in the Fall, will this make me ineligible for the 2&2 program for future apartment housing?

future housing

Hi, due to the COVID pandemic we can no longer guarantee housing so we cannot honor the 2 & 2 program. That may change in the future once we can safely offer double and triple rooms. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to adjust to our current reality.

Housing for Non-Freshman

Hello, I am a rising sophomore and would like to know if housing assignments have been given out or will there be another round of assignments? Thank you very much.

housing for non-freshman

Hi, did you sign a contract and select a space already? It would've been last winter quarter. If so, our contracts folks will be working on those assignments starting this week. They will need to make all residence halls spaces into singles. If you have questions specific to your situation, here's their contact info: (805) 893-4371 or housinginfo@housing.ucsb.edu. Thanks!

Undergraduate Apartment for Transfer Students

Hello, I would like to know when the undergraduate apartment contracts for transfer students will start to be sent? Will we be notified whether we get it or not? Thanks for the help!

undergraduate apartment for transfer students

Hi, our contracts office will be sending out an email by the end of this week regarding UCSB apartments. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

LLC concerns

Hello, I am a rising sophomore who had signed a housing contract in Winter Quarter with my roommates to continue to live in a LLC. Since everyone will have to be housed in a single, will we still have the ability to live in our desired LLC? Or are LLCs going to be put on hold in a way because of limited space? Thank you, Jazz

LLC concerns

Hi Jazz, we apologize for the delay in responding. It took a while to get the answer. Our Residential & Community Living staff are looking to expand the LLCs to include residents throughout all residence hall communities. Residents will be able to partake in LLC programming virtually and it will not just be for residents living within the established LLC community. Thanks!

Winter and Spring Housing

Hello, I was offered a dorm for the Fall Quarter. If I choose to stay at home and cancel my contract for the quarter, will I still be able to get a dorm for Winter and Spring Quarter, or will I have to find an apartment? Thank you!

winter and spring housing

Hi, it depends on availability in winter. You would need to apply here in October: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/contracts/winter-spring.

freshmen housing

Hi, yes. Another batch of contracts is going out this afternoon. Thanks!


If we execute a contract for the year for dormitory and food, and the students are sent home because of Covid, are refunds for the balance possible? Thanks.


To our knowledge, this hasn't been discussed yet; however, when students had to leave last spring quarter, money was refunded so we anticipate it will be the same for this coming academic year. Keep checking this page https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/covid-19-information for updated information. Thanks.

Undergraduate Apartments

Are they any updates to undergraduate apartments for continuing students? If not, do you have a timeline for when that information will be released?

undergraduate apartments

Hi, our contracts office will be sending out an email by the end of this week regarding UCSB apartments. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Hi, we are only offering single occupancy residence hall rooms, so one person per room. Thank you for your question!

Undergraduate Apartments

Can you clarify whether students who received the email about undergraduate apartments housing are guaranteed to receive an assignment? Are there enough spots to place everyone who already signed a contract into a single in the apartments; if not, when should we expect to receive final word whether our contracts will be honored?

undergraduate apartments

Hi, if someone already signed a contract, it will be honored. Thank you for your patience and understanding as our contract staff work through this process.

Moving in

When do the freshmen moving into the dorms find out when they are moving in? People need to make travel arrangements, and it’s getting close.

move in

Move in will be spread out through the week of September 21st to 27th. You will get an email to choose from a couple dates and choose a time. This email will be sent in the coming weeks. We are limiting the number of people who can move in per hour so we need to have residents commit to a time. The details are being worked out right now. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Priority for 2x2

I completely understand why you can't guarantee housing under the 2x2 program, but you should offer at least some level of priority for the 2x2 folks who are trying to accommodate your changes for when housing goes back to normal levels. Supposedly going home out of the dorms in Spring "broke" the 2x2 contract. But given that students were acting on what the campus were asking for (as minimal a level of people in the dorms as possible), those students who left when asked to do so should not be unduly penalized for following campus requests. And now, when the campus would like to see as many cancellations on apartment housing as possible so they can accommodate Covid needs, then it would be far more effective in meeting those needs if you could assure some level of priority for those who cancel but indicate they want to come back when things open up again. While it is potentially risky to return and the Chancellor is actively encouraging people not to return, (and it would be seemingly counter UCSB's overall needs right now to return) it feels like we have to return just to make sure that we don't end up in a completely new overall lottery in Winter and then Spring as housing returns to normal. If not full priority, then have it be weighted into the consideration or give earlier time in the lottery as you do normally with the 2x2. Please consider and work together with us to meet your goals.

priority for 2&2

Hi, Thank you for sharing your suggestions and concerns. I will forward your feedback to our contracts office for their consideration.

Fall Quarter Meal Plans

Hi so I know there won't be campus housing in Fall quarter, but I was wondering if there would still be meal plans for those living off campus who don't qualify for cal fresh but need food. The res halls would continue to be take-out only but I think it would be very useful for those who are food insecure but receive financial aid.

fall quarter meal plans

hi, The Dining Commons will be closed this fall quarter so take out meals and the off campus meal plan will not be available. However, Tropicana Student Living will be offering a meal plan for students who don't live with them. Meals start on Sunday each week and go through Saturday of the following week, then restart again on Sunday. 7 meals - $843; 10 meals - $1,149; 14 meals - $1,532; 17 meals - $1,767; 19 meals - $1,950. All meals will be picked up from the Tropicana Gardens back Parking Lot area. They will have a tent area set up for people to drive by, bike by, or walk by and pick up their order that they order on their phone from our menu. Their hours are (7 days a week): Breakfast: 7:00 am – 9:30am; Lunch: 11:00 am – 2:00pm; Dinner: 5:00 pm – 8:00pm; They will have the steps to get signed up posted on their website www.tropicanastudentliving.com by Sept. 22nd. The first meal will be served starting Wednesday, Sept. 30th.


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