RHA’s Rezzie Rider to the Rescue!

March 11, 2013
RHA's Rezzie Rider Van

Will you be taking the train home for break? Tired of begging your friends for a ride to the station? Beg no more! Rezzie Rider is a transportation service provided by RHA that will take you to and from the Goleta Amtrak train station… for FREE! Say goodbye to cab fare and gas money, and say hello to Rezzie Rider!

To book a seat in one of the Rezzie Rider vans, visit the RHA website. Rezzie Rider will not accept reservations after March 18th but hurry, spots are filling up quickly and may be gone by then. Book your seat today!

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Book a ride

Hi, I wanted to book a ride to the Goleta Amtrak station on March 21. My train departs at 6:45 pm.

Sign up at RHA website

Hi Anthony, please visit the RHA website: http://www.ucsbrha.com/ and scroll down to Announcements to sign up for a ride.

When do we get the confirmation email?

Hi, I signed up for rezzie rider a week or so ago and was wondering when the confirmation email with all the details will be sent out?

Rezzie Rider

Hi, per Eric Lopez, our Asst Student Leadership Coord, you'll receive an email before 5p today. Thanks!

Comfirmation E-mail

Hello, I signed up for the Rezzie rider a week ago and I have not gotten the confirmation email.

rezzie rider

hi, sorry for the inconvenience. They were supposed to confirm by 5p today. Please email elopez@housing.ucsb.edu about this. Thanks!

Is it too late

I understand that the deadline is already past due but I was wondering that there was any possibility to get a ride to the goleta amtrak today so I don't miss the 6:45 pm train. Thanks you

Too Late to Sign Up

Hi, it's too late to sign up. The Assisant Student Leadership Coordinator informed our office today that there has been a few empty spots on some trips. You could try showing up at the pick up site and see if they have space for you or take the MTD bus to the station: http://www.sbmtd.gov/. The 24x toward Goleta turns into the 12x and drops you off close to the station. Good Luck!

Rezzie Rider

Is there a way to get only a ride back? or its it already too late. I tried signing up previously but it would only give me the option to book a ride from ucsb to the amtrack but not vise versa.

Ride Back

Hi Roselia, it's too late to sign up but email Eric - elopez@housing.ucsb.edu to see if it's possible to get a ride back.

Where is this?

Ive been trying to find this page (looked all over the RHA's website) and couldn't find it. I tried to use the link posted on a flier that I saw but that too was broken...someone help? Im trying to sign up for a ride on 11/25th if that helps.

Rezzie Rider

Hi Paige, Here is some additional information and a updated website: Rezzie Rider is a program that rents van to take people from the residence halls to the goleta amtrak and SB airport. It's going to run the 24th, 25th, and 29th of November. Signup deadline should be the 21st. http://goo.gl/forms/bpRDhlqBse

Bringing Bikes

Hi, will the van be able to fit a bike if we want to bring one on the train?

bringing bikes

Good question! I have no idea. Please ask Eric Wang who's coordinating Rezzie Rider. He can be reached at ewangucsb@gmail.com or 909.374.1613. Thanks!

going back to school on sunday 3rd

Hi Edwin, Sorry for the late reply, our offices were closed from December 24th to January 3rd. According to the Rezzie Rider website the deadline to sign up was on December 4th. Sorry about that and I hope you were able to find a ride! Thanks, Mandy

Where to sign up for ride?

I was unable to find where to sign up for Rezzie Rider on the website and ended up looping back here. Where am I suppose to sign up for a ride?

Rezzie Rider

Hi Petra, here is the link to sign up for Rezzie rider: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VpIkwYEMc3ohRBbWkqWPLxQypbUNrtbFaNBcu5JPdXE/viewform?c=0&w=1. Hope this helps! Mandy

No response yet

I did find the sign up! Thank you! I have yet to hear back though and I submitted it on Thursday (3/10). It said I should hear back in a day, but I don't know how to follow up.

No Response yet

We are looking into this for you! Sorry for the confusion!

rezzie rider

Hi, we confirmed w/the RHA rep coordinating Rezzie Rider that he will send out confirmations by this afternoon. His email address is nrhhucsb@gmail.com and his name is Zac Galvan. Thank you, and good luck on finals! :-)


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