New & Improved! #UCSB Santa Cruz Residence Hall Renovation.

July 17, 2014
Santa Cruz Residence Hall is undergoing a renovation this summer. The project includes an upgrade of the fire alarm system, the addition of a complete fire sprinkler system, retrofit of common areas and floor lounges, renovation of all interior finishes, replacement of all exterior windows, and the upgrade of select building systems including corridor lighting, exhaust fans, and all data/communications wiring. The lobby and front desk will have new seating, and residents will get to experience a dedicated TV room/theater, and fully re-designed floor lounges that connect to open concept kitchenettes.
Santa Cruz will offer earth-friendly living to UCSB freshman and will be seeking a LEED* Gold rating. Sustainable design measures include energy efficient lighting and double glazed windows, water efficient low-flow and dual flush fixtures, and carpet, flooring and finish materials with high recycled content.   
* Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. LEED is a program administered by the U.S. Green Building Council in an effort to encourage energy and water efficiency; improve indoor environmental quality; use recycled, renewable, and locally available materials; and optimize the way the building and its site interact with the surrounding area. Within each category, points are assigned for the use of different design measures, material choices, or construction practices, the accumulation of which leads to one of four levels of certification. 


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