Maximize space! Loft your bed!

September 18, 2013
Many residents choose to loft their beds to make more space in their rooms. Beds will come un-lofted unless you are in a triple or small double. Triple and small double room furniture has been set up in the most space-efficient way and cannot be moved.
You will need a rubber mallet to loft your bed. Some are available to check out at each front desk but we encourage you to bring your own in case there are none available. 
Measurements vary by building, but beds can be lofted at different increments. They can be lofted at a maximum height of approximately 5’8” above the ground. Keep in mind that some residence halls have restrictions as to whether you can raise beds against the windows or not. If you choose not to loft your bed but want to raise it higher, you can raise it to about 30 inches off the ground.
By lofting your bed, you can place items under your bed to maximize the space in your room! Happy lofting!

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