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January 14, 2020

Current Undergraduate Student Housing Contracts for 2020-21 Available Starting January 30, 2020

Would you rather focus on studying and not have to worry about co-signing leases, figuring out utility bills with your roommates, buying furniture, etc? If so, live in UCSB Housing! As part of the University, we are here for you for your entire UCSB experience. We have the 2&2 plan to maximize your housing experience at a great value. Students who live in the residence halls for 2 years are guaranteed housing in UCSB apartments for their 3rd and 4th years.

The 2020-21 UCSB Undergraduate Housing Contract will be available in various phases starting January 30. If you like where you currently live, you can stay there! You’ll have January 30 and 31 to claim the same space for next year, after which your space will become available for general room selection for other students. This means that any undergraduate student can live in any residence hall. For example, if you want to stay in your ocean view room in Santa Cruz for your second year, you can. Or, if you never got to experience resort-style living at Santa Catalina during your first year, you can live there as a sophomore, junior or senior! Freshmen-only residence halls are a thing of the past. Learn more about each of our residences on our website.

Starting February 5 is the self-assignment and roommate pull-in process for the residence halls and apartments for students currently living in UCSB Housing. You can start forming roommate groups in advance on February 3, but this is completely optional. Once self-assignment starts, you’ll be able to pick your building and room online, book the space, pull-in roommate(s) if applicable, and sign your housing contract. This means that you’ll know in February exactly where you’ll be living for Fall 2020 and you will not have to wait for a room assignment to arrive in the summer. Students who do not currently live in UCSB Housing will be able to apply starting January 30 until filled, and select a space starting February 20.

Keep your eye on DigiKnow, our social media channels, and especially your umail for more information throughout the 2020-21 housing contract process. There's also a lot of information on the Continuing Undergraduate Student contract page, and University & Community Housing Services will be offering educational programs about all of your housing options. If you decide to explore privately-owned accommodations, we encourage you to take your time, get educated, minimize pressure to make any decisions, and attend our Rental FairsAnd remember, even if you don’t live in our communities, you can still eat in the UCSB Dining Commons through the Off Campus Meal Plan.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We’re here to help!  

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2x2 year plan-Late Housing Time

Dear UCSB housing, Good afternoon! My name is Vivian Han and I am a junior standing UCSB student who is eligible for the 2 by 2 year plan for 2020. I really wanted to move into the WestGate apartments for next year, but my housing time was unfortunately assigned to be very late. I was just wondering if there are going to be more spaces that open later on next week for housing options? Thank you for your precious time and patient understanding. Sincerely awaiting your reply, Vivian Han


Hi Vivian, I believe the contracts folks do release spaces throughout the process (vs. all at once); however, you should check w/them at or 805-893-4371 to make sure. Thanks, and good luck! :-)


Hello, I am looking for housing because my plans fell through. Is there any available housing left in any apartment??


Hi, I recommend contacting the people who manage housing contracts at (805) 893-4371 or Good luck!

Is housing guaranteed for incoming freshman

I am a counselor in SD. I have always understood that housing was guaranteed for incoming freshman. I have two students who told me that is no longer true so although UCSB is their top choice, they are considering going elsewhere. Can you please confirm the current policy? Thanks

housing guarantee

Hi, normally it is guaranteed, but unfortunately it is not possible for us to know whether the current public health crisis will allow us to maintain normal operations in undergraduate student housing when the fall quarter begins. Consequently, like almost every university across the country, we cannot offer a housing guarantee at this time. We will continue to send students updates and information as it becomes available. Thank you for understanding.

Sorority's and Dorms

Hi my name is Jasmin and Im applying here at UCSB after graduation and I was wondering what are sororitys like at UCSB and how much do I have to pay to live in a sorority or dorm.

sororities & dorms

Hi Jasmin, You can find this year's housing rates here: We have no affiliation with sororities and can't answer that part of your question. Maybe the Greek Life Advisor can help you: There's more info on this page: (click on the menu at the top). Hope that helps!

Dogs in family housing

I am an older student with a son and two dogs. Is there housing available?

dogs in family housing

Hi, If you have questions about animals in housing, please contact Cristina Martinez at Here is more information about Family Student Housing in general:,, Thanks!


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