Important #UCSB Residence Hall Move-Out Information

June 5, 2013
Line of carts at move-out

All residence halls close on Saturday, June 15th at 11:00 AM. The last meal scheduled at the dining commons is dinner on Friday, June 14th. You will need to sign up and designate an official check-out time and option at your Front Desk before this Friday, June 7th. You are required to sign up for a time regardless of the Check-out option you choose (Express or Assisted). 

Please be aware that Friday and Saturday morning check out times are reserved for residents with final exams on Friday, June 14th or for graduating Seniors. You will need to show proof of a Friday final at the front desk in order to sign up for one of these appointments.  Residents that are graduating:  You need to be checked out of your hall within 2 hours after the end of your ceremony.  You need to submit a “Check-Out Extension” form by June 7, available at your front desk.

We highly recommend that you check your Finals Schedule and arrange to move out as soon as you are done with your last final.  We have heard from residents and their families that students who move-out shortly after their last final are less stressed.  Checking-out earlier in the week also helps you avoid weekend traffic & parking congestion from Commencement Services, waiting on staff to complete assisted pre-inspections of your room, and other miscellaneous delays.

Please Note: If your travel arrangements prevent you from scheduling an appointment during official desk hours, you MUST sign up for the “Express Check-out” option.

HOW is Move-out different from Move-in?

Parking Information:

  • Vehicles need to park in designated spaces and must purchase parking permits.
    • Please obey all permanent and temporary signage.
    • Vehicles illegally parked are subject to citation and may be towed.
    • Vehicles without a licensed driver present may be towed immediately.
  • Be courteous to each other!
    • Do not take up limited parking space if you are not ready to load up your stuff.
      • Pull vehicle up to loading zone once belongings are ready to be loaded & honor the 30 minute time-limit. 
  • Lot 23 will be closed for Commencement weekend starting June 14 at 7pm – June 17 at 7am.
    • This lot is utilized for Disabled student and guest parking.  Please support your fellow Gauchos and their families and relocate your vehicle to Lot 22, 27, or 30.
      • Please obey all posted signage.
      • Vehicles left in the lot 23 may be towed.
  • Ocean Road will be limited to 1-way traffic out of campus immediately following each commencement ceremony.  (See commencement schedule for times)
    • Vehicles attempting to gain access to Lots 23, 24, 22, 27, the Student Resource building, San Rafael, Manzanita, will be redirected to lot 30 until Commencement traffic has exited Lot 22 & 23.

Start packing and reorganizing your room as soon as possible if you haven’t already! If you have any cleaning or damage concerns in your room it is important to discuss them with your roommate before checkout and turn in an agreement form to clarify who is responsible for what charges. Also, don't forget to GIVE when you move out! There will be drop-off donation sites throughout the residence halls where you can donate unwanted items. All donations will be sold at the annual GIVE sale on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23. Proceeds go to Isla Vista non-profits and projects that benefit the Isla Vista community.

For more info please visit our Move-Out Information page. Happy studying & best of luck on finals! Summer is just around the corner!!

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