Ideas Wanted!

January 21, 2014
ideas wanted

H&RS wants to hear from you! Funds have been set aside for new and innovative ideas. Is there anything you’ve heard of or seen at other college campuses that made you say “WOW!” and would be great at UCSB? One service or amenity or innovation that would make you say “WOW!” is _______________. Submit your idea today!

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WOW freshman introduction activities like Cal Poly's WOW

Cal Poly's WOW is much more than freshman dorm and campus introduction. It does a great job of making friend groups and doing activities off campus as well as on campus. It helps acclimate the freshman students very well. It also keeps them busy and out of trouble. Highly recommended program.

WOW freshman introduction

Thank you for your suggestion! If you get a chance, please submit it to our ideas wanted page so it's entered into the database. Thank you!


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