How To Use #UCSB Community Fireplaces

December 2, 2015

Nothing beats the warmth of a fireplace for chasing away the chill of this cold weather! Anacapa, San Miguel, San Nicolas, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Clemente Villages all have fireplaces that residents can use. For safety reasons, we have guidelines in place that must be followed. Here’s what you need to do to enjoy a cozy and crackling fireplace.

Housing & Residential Services – Fireplace Use Guidelines

The goal of the Fireplace Use Guidelines is to provide safe operating procedures for students and staff when using a fireplace at a Housing facility. Residential Operations inspects the fireplaces and cleans the flues annually. Safety screens have been installed at each.

To use a fireplace, students or staff should take the following steps: |
1. Go to the building’s front desk (or office at San Clemente) and sign request log to use the fireplace (name, date, time).
2. Open fireplace damper - this opens the flue for smoke to exhaust - otherwise the smoke will cause the building fire alarm system to activate.
3. For all fireplaces except San Nicolas, student must provide a “Duraflame” or “Java Log” type log (available at local grocery or hardware stores). These burn cleaner, produce less ash than wood and are made from recycled materials. NOTE: Only one log can be used at a time (per manufacturer’s recommendation). Close the screen after lighting the log. (For San Nicolas, the front desk must light the fire and turn it off.)
4. Once lit, close fireplace screen or glass doors.
5. Person signing up for fireplace use must be in the room at all times. Do not extinguish the fire.
6. Housekeeping staff will remove ashes once they are cold to the touch and place in metal container outside. Students do NOT have to remove ashes.
7. Submit a work order if any part of the fireplace (screen, flue, damper, etc.) does not work properly. (
8. No cooking in fireplaces (i.e. no marshmallows), and do not add paper, plastic or trash to fire.
9. Enjoy your fire!

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