How NOT to Have Your Bike Stolen at #UCSB

October 3, 2014

Although it may seem to be a fact of life that you will have your bike stolen at UCSB, it is not always the case. Our own office has several students who never had a bicycle stolen in their four years on campus. Prevention is the key to keeping your set of wheels during your stay at UCSB:

·         Register your bicycle. Having it registered may not always mean you will get it back, but if you don’t register it, the chances of recovering your bike are drastically reduced. Thieves are less likely to steal bikes that are registered in the first place because they know the serial numbers will be entered into a national computer database. Bikes can be registered at the CSO office located behind the Police Department.

·         ALWAYS lock your bike! Don’t think that it will be fine if you leave it unlocked for 30 seconds while you drop off an assignment or run in somewhere for a snack. Most bike thefts are crimes of opportunity. We recommend a good U-lock. Also, lock your bike frame (and wheel) to the racks. Do not lock your bike to itself.

·         Get a cheap bike. Inexpensive bikes are less likely to be targeted and stolen.

If your ride is stolen, follow these steps:

·         Report the theft. If your bike was stolen on University property, report it to the UCSB Police Department immediately. Officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the Public Safety Building, 1120 Mesa Road, or by phone at 893-3446. If it was stolen in Isla Vista, report it to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol at 6546 Pardall Road or call 681-4179.

·         Have the necessary information needed for the report. Bike brand name, model, serial number, value, etc.

·         Keep a lookout for your own bike. Many times people are able to find their own bikes. If you find your bike call the Police Department immediately.

Additional Info:

·         Be careful where you buy your bike. Many people are in the business of selling stolen bikes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

·         No bikes are free. It is unlawful to take what appears to be an abandoned bike and use it without first taking it to the Police Department for processing.

For more info on registration and bike safety, visit: or

Still have your bike, but it's broken? Check out our Housing How To video  to learn how to use one of our bike fix-it stations located throughout our communities...

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