Housing Contract Process for Incoming #UCSB2020 #Gauchos

April 6, 2016
santa catalina pool party

You’ve committed to UCSB and submitted your SIR, now you’re hearing all this talk about roommates and buildings and room types. Confused? No worries, we’re here to help!

From now until May 15, you are able to turn in your housing contract to secure your place in the residence halls*. You are digitally signing a contract (if under 18, you must provide a guardian's email so that they can digitally co-sign), not an application, so make sure you read the full document. You’ll need to establish your UCSB Net ID before you can log in to start the contract process. It may take a few days for the housing contract system to recognize your new ID, so be patient. The process is not first-come, first-served so there is no priority in turning it in sooner. After a few days, if you keep getting an error when trying to log in/submit the housing contract, try these 2 solutions: (1) Your net ID does not include @umail.ucsb.edu. Leave out that last part, to log in; and (2) Do not put the hyphen in your perm number. If you do this 123456-7 our system will not recognize the dash and will see it as incorrect. Input your perm like this: 1234567.

As part of the contract, you fill out your personal preferences where you rank 7 building/room types (for example: Santa Cruz Triple, Anacapa Triple, Santa Catalina Double, etc.), choose a meal plan (10, 14, 17, unlimited), answer roommate living questions (Messy or tidy? Quiet study room or social hangout? Late sleeper or early riser? ), and list any Living Learning communities if you choose to request one of them.

Once you submit your contract, you’re good to go, no deposit is required! You can continue editing your personal preferences until June 15th, and our office will take the months of July and August to complete the room assignment process. Letters will be mailed out in early September and you’ll receive a move-in date of either Saturday, September 17 or Sunday, September 18, depending on what building you’re assigned to. Please note: If you’re trying to make travel plans/reservations, plan to arrive on Sunday, September 18. You’ll be able to move in on or after your assigned move-in time but not before. Have any further questions? Let us know in the comments or ask us on our Facebook Page! Check back soon for information on the Transfer Housing process!

*You are guaranteed a space but not a particular building or room type. Be prepared to be assigned to a building or room type you may not have requested.

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Email Request notice

Hello, is that possible to notify me by email on my room assignment as well?

emailing room assignments

hi, yes, they will email room assignments & mail the postcard that will serve as your parking pass.

housing contract

I am a transfer student and I signed a housing contract before the deadline. At orientation Aug 11, I visited the residential services office and they said they could not find me by my perm number (8607145). It appears they don't have me in their records? What should I do next?

housing contract

hi, has this been resolved? If not, please email aptcontracts@housing.ucsb.edu or call them at (805) 893-4021. Thanks.

How to edit or view preferences

I can't seen to figure out how to go back and view or edit the housing preferences I submitted already. When I try and re log in it the page where I originally submitted it, it won't let me.

How to edit or view preferences

Hi Jason, sorry you are having this problem. Please call our Assignment Services Representatives at 805.993.5513. Thanks, Mandy

FSSP and housing

Do I need to fill out information on housing preferences if I am participating in the Freshman Summer Start Program or is all that handled through the FSSP program? If through FSSP, when is the housing deadline for it?

FSSP and housing

hi, yes, you need to fill out our housing application separately for the 2016-17 academic year. The deadline is this Sunday for academic year housing for freshmen. FSSP will handle housing, but only for the summer. For academic year housing, please visit: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/applications/new-freshmen-housing-contract Thanks!


If I want to room with someone I already know who is also going to UCSB, how do we request each other as roommates?

Requesting Roommates

Hi Jazmin, Are you an incoming freshmen or transfer student? Once you SIR and create your UCSB NetID and password you will get an email from us with a link to your housing contract. From there you can request a roommate with their perm number. Also, be sure to put the same building preferences as your requested roommate. If you are an incoming freshmen please be sure to look out for an email via umail in regards to the 2nd process of the housing contact. This will be emailed mid July. Hope this helps! Mandy

Cosign email

I finished the housing app on May 1st and was sent a confirmation email. Since I'm under eighteen, I need a parent cosigner. My mom still hasn't received the email. How long it take for the email to arrive?

Co-Signer Email

Hi Stephanie, Please give our assignments office a call at 805.893.5513 so they can check in on this issue for you. Thanks! Mandy


When will I find out info about my ROOMMATE?

Roommate Information Link

Hi There, please visit this link to view your roommates: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/roommate-information. You will also get an email via your Umail by September 1st that talks about your specific move-in time and date and confirms your building/room and roommate(s). Unfortunately, this link and email will not provide your suitemate(s) information for San Cat or San Raf. Sorry about that and I hope this helps!

Housing Cost

Does UCSB ensure that you are paying your preferred room and board price or will it vary depending on what residence hall they put you in ?

housing cost

hi, all UCSB residence halls have the same rates. it just depends on if you're in a single, double, triple or small double: https://ucsb.app.box.com/v/2018-19HousingRates

housing contract process

Hi, is this for a freshman? If so, that info is on the contract page: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/contracts/new-freshmen-housing-contract


I’m an admitted freshman still deciding on committing to UCSB, but I have a question regarding housing. Would I be able to choose if I want a dorm or an apartment in IV? Because apartments seem to be cheaper, so I’d go with that. I just don’t understand the housing process.


Hi, freshmen are not mandated to live in the residence halls, so you can choose to live in a privately-owned apartment in IV. (Freshmen are not eligible to live in university apartments until their third year as a junior.) If you do decide to live in privately-owned housing, we highly recommend you contact Community Housing Services for their guidance: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/community-housing-services-general-information. We're here to help, so please feel free to ask more questions. This blog only notifies us once a day if there are questions, so it's best to reach out via the contact us form https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/contact-us. We have students that work 8a-5pm who answer emails quickly. Thanks!


Can we still change our housing preferences or has that been changed?


We are awaiting guidance from campus leadership and public health officials to determine how many students we can safely house in each room type. This process is ongoing and evolving as we learn more about COVID-19 and adjust our response accordingly. Student safety is of paramount concern as we continue this inquiry. Since we don’t yet know the layout of the spaces students will be living in, roommate and room type preferences are not included as part of the housing application process. Once we finalize the details for the spaces we can offer, we plan to allow students the option to indicate their roommate and room type preferences during the contracting process. Note that you do not need to have preferred roommates. We anticipate that we will have an update about the housing application process by June 19, 2020. For more information, please continue to monitor https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/contracts/new-freshmen-housing-contract.


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