Housing Contract Process for Incoming #UCSB Transfer #Gauchos

May 2, 2016
santa ynez apartments

Transfer students: The deadline to submit your SIR is June 1st. Already committed? Congrats on making the decision to attend UCSB! Here’s some more information about how the 2016-2017 Transfer Housing Application process works, which opens today, May 1st through June 10th. 

Transfer students are guaranteed a space in the University apartments as long as you submit an application by June 10. Once you've submitted your SIR and established your UCSB Net ID, you’ll be able to log in to complete the housing application.  

On the application, these are the choices in the drop-down menu for 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences: (The residence names are not listed on the drop-down menu.)

At this point, the preferences are merely for analytical purposes. By June 17th, you'll be assigned a specific “pass time” based on a random lottery number that will reflect when the self-assignment process will open for you. This is the process by which you will complete an online contract and select your apartment from the remaining available spaces. The pass times will begin as early as June 20th and the self-assignment process will be open through June 30th. The pass time reflects the earliest time you can log on to the self-assign process. If you have roommates, you should coordinate so the person with the earliest pass time does the booking for all of you. We will send information via email after June 10 that explains how the process works and we'll give you a link to the roommate PIN creation tool that you will need to use to utilize roommate pull-in. If you don't have a preferred roommate, during the self-assignment process you'll complete the roommate preference questionnaire. Potential roommates will be able to see your answers to determine if they're compatible with you. Likewise, you'll be able to see other peoples' answers as well.

Have any further questions? Let us know in the comments or ask us on our Facebook Page! We’re here to help!


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Choosing Housing

On the application it says to choose the room type you want. Because this will remove me from getting certain buildings, how can we know what they're like? (I kind of want one with a pool :) And what about pricing? Thanks.

choosing housing

Hi, here are the room types w/the bldgs listed next to it... 2 Bedroom – 4/5 Person (Santa Ynez, Westgate, Westwinds, El Dorado); 1 Bedroom – 2 Person (Westgate, Westwinds, El Dorado); 4 Bedroom – 4 Person (San Clemente); 2 Bedroom – 2 Person (San Clemente); Any Residence Hall (San Rafael or Manzanita); Any Apartment. You can then look at the website http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/residences and click on each residence to learn more about each one. Rates are on each page in a table at the bottom. The following have pools: Westgate, El Dorado, Westwinds, and San Rafael & Manzanita share a pool. Let us know if you have anymore questions! Thanks!


What's the chance of the San Clemente being offered to undergraduates after graduate students have been accommodated? Also in housing process when you state your three options, is the decisions of the students housing based on preference or a lottery system?

San Clemente

Hi Drake, the chances of undergrads being offered space in San Clemente is very high, a certainty! Undergrads take up about 50% of San Clemente. I think I answered your latter question on the facebook app a few minutes ago. thanks!

Westgate Apartments

Are the studios (one-person) not an option for transfer students?


hi, yes, transfers can live in the residences listed on this page in the upper right corner: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/community/transfer-student. Westgate Apartments has the studios + San Clemente has private bedrooms in apartments.


Are housing apartments coed? How does that work?

co-ed apartments

We do offer gender inclusive housing where roommates can be co-ed. You should call Apartment Assignment Services to inquire more about that. They can be reached at 805.893.4021.

Room Type

Hi, I want to live in the new Sierra Madre apartments but there isn't a separate option for the 2bed/4person room type. If I choose the 2bed/4 or 5 person room type, will I get a triple? Or if I were to pick the 3bed/6person type, could I then change to the 2bed/4person?

room type

hi, at this point you're just getting a contract. Once you have a contract you'll be able to self-assign in mid-summer and pick Sierra Madre (if it's still available.) Thanks!

Contract Time

Do I have to live in the apartment or residence hall for 1 year or couple quarters? Or can I move out whenever I want? If I apply for certain school apartments and get accepted into one of them, do I have to sign the contract and move in? Cuz I'm still considering between living in school's apartment or private off-campus apartment with my friend. Is it ok if I apply for school's apartment first and end up wanting to live in private apartment? Thanks.

reply to: contract time

hi, it's not required that you live in UCSB Housing. However, once you sign a contract it is for 9 months. You could move out, but you would be responsible for the time period of the contract. You can definitely apply and then not sign the contract and you would have no obligation (as long as you don't sign the contract :-). I highly recommend that you check out the table on this page: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/2-2-program (scroll down.) It will show you comparisons between the UCSB apartments and privately-owned apartments. Also, the Community Housing Office is a great resource http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/cho. Hope this info helps!

contract cancellation fee

I forgot to mention, you can cancel a contract... it's $250 before July 1, $350 after July 1 with approval from our office.

Resubmit Housing Application

I want to change my preferences. Can I just resubmit(or fill out another) housing application?

Reply to: Resubmit Housing Application

Yes, you can log back in to the application and update then resubmit your preferences. You have until the application deadline to make any changes.


What does self-assign mean? Does that mean that we get to choose if we want a double or triple along with which apartments we want to live in?


Self-assign means you'll pick exactly where you're going to live, so yes, you'll be able to pick a double or a triple room and a specific apartment unit. You'll also be able to view people's answers to the roommate survey as well. (People who have already self-assigned to the apartment you're considering.)


Great! Thank you so much for your quick response. This is one of the main reasons I chose UCSB; I always get my questions answered right away. Love it! :)


Hi, so I would like to live in an apartment with three other people. I would choose the double room option when I sign my contract. But I was wondering, is it possible that if other people choose the triple, would there be 5 people total in a 2 bedroom apartment? Or do they separate people that want doubles from people that want triples?

doubles in apartments

hi, if one of your apartment-mates select triple than it's very possible you'll have 5 people in the apartment (3 in one bedroom and 2 in the other bedroom.) We don't generally do 6-person 2-bedroom apartments (2 triple bedroom in one apartment.) It's usually one double bedroom and one triple bedroom in one apartment. Hope this info helps!


So would that mean that five girls would be sharing one bathroom, or would there be two bathrooms?


Yes, possibly. Unless you are placed in Sierra Madre Apartments. They have 2 bathrooms per apartment.


ok, thank you.


The Sierra Madre apartments are "all double occupancy with 2 students per bedroom", does this mean that there are no triples at Sierra Madre?

sierra madre

Good Morning! The plan for right now is that Sierra Madre will not have triples.


Which apartments tend to be bigger, the ones in Santa Ynez or the ones in El Dorado?


hi, I would say they're generally about the same size. There are some corner units in El Dorado that are bigger than your average apartment though.

Hello, contracts for all New

Hello, contracts for all New Transfer students who submitted a timely application have already been sent. They have been sent to your U-mail address.

2 bedroom 4/5 person apartment

Hi, I got my contract and it was for a 2 bedroom, 4/5 person apartment. If I have 3 roommates already, so it is a total of 4 of us. Our top choice is Santa Ynez. If we get Santa Ynez are we suppose to find a fifth roommate or will they randomly assign a fifth roommate to a triple? And how do you choose who gets the triple?

Hello, if you have less

Hello, if you have less requested roommates than the total occupant size in your placed apartment, you will be assigned a roommate(s) to complete the apartment. So in your case, you would have a fifth roommate assigned if you don't already find another one to request. In regards to the second part of your question, you will receive an email later in summer where you will be asked to "self-assign" for your housing. During this time, you (and your desired roommates) will be able to choose your specific bed space (in regards to building, room, and room type). It is during that time you will be able to choose if you want a triple or double. More information about this new self-assigning system will be emailed to your U-mail in the later part of this summer.

Residence Hall

I was given a 2 bedroom / 4 or 5 person apartment, but I want to live in the Residence Halls. Will that be possible to do? Do I have to call, because residence halls are not an option on the drop main when I try to switch my contract.

residence hall

Hi Catherine, are you a transfer student?

Self Assign

When will we be able to self assign?

self assign

hi, mid-summer. Sorry, no exact date has been established at this point.

Room Assignment

When and how do freshman undergraduates find where they are housed? I still have not received any notifications

freshmen room assignment

hi, you'll find out via email in early September. We'll also mail you a postcard that serves as your parking pass the day you move in. That will have your room assignment as well.

Residence Halls

So no transfers will be able to have the option of living in any of the residence halls (San Rafael or Manzanita Village)? It was my first option

transfer housing for 2015-16

hi, that is correct. We have a big freshmen class + 2nd years continuing to stay in the residence halls. You'll get an apartment though, which still has RAs that plan events, etc. And if you want a meal plan, you can sign up for an Off Campus Meal Plan http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/dining/offcampus-mealplan. Hope this info helps!

Room Type

Hello! Could you tell me which are the upper units at Santa Ynez Apartments? Say 314 or 313? Thank you!

room type

hi, i looked on the map http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/sites/www.housing.ucsb.edu/files/docs/residences/hall-layouts/santaynez-hall-layout.pdf and I wasn't able to tell. However, I just asked Apartment Assignments and they said when you're self-assigning you'll be able to tell 1st vs. 2nd floor. Thanks!

Choosing housing

Hi, I got my contract but also signed up For the waitliat to get into San Clamente but I just recived my self assign which was for a 2br 4 person apartment, and I was wondering if I would have any chance of switching. Would they contact me? Or Would I have to call?

choosing housing

hi, please email aptcontracts@housing.ucsb.edu to inquire about this. Thanks!


hi, for residence halls, assignments will be sent out Wednesday or Thursday. By the end of the week for sure. Thanks!


Hi, so I have already signed my housing contract and have self assigned to an apartment in Sierra Madre. I checked the housing rates on the ucsb website and it says that the rate for Sierra Madre is $646/month but it also says "rates are subject to change". How likely is it that the rate will be increased and how much would it be increased to? Also, are there more fees that are required for housing or is it just the $646 per month? I would like to know because I am trying to decide how much I need to request for loans and I don't want to borrow more than I need to. Thank you.

housing rates

hi, the rates page is completely updated with 2015-16 rates, and they are not very likely to change at this late date. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email aptcontracts@housing.ucsb.edu. Thanks!

Apartment Housing

Hi, when will apartment housing assignments be sent out? Also, when will Sierra Madre pictures be updated with interior/exterior? Thanks.

apartment housing

hi, re: assignments, by this Friday at the latest. Sierra Madre is still a construction zone so we will not be able to take photos until the end of next week or the following week at the earliest. We want to wait until the apartments are furnished. Thanks for understanding!


What is all the specific furnishing provided in the apartments? Such as the kitchen appliances, is a microwave and all the necessary utensils such as pots and frying pans included? Thank you.


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