Have You Heard About the 2&2 Program?

November 27, 2013
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Plan ahead residents! When you live in the residence halls for 2 years, you will be guaranteed a spot in the UCSB apartments (as long as you meet the deadlines!) Apartment contracts for 2&2 eligible students will be available on December 2 (2&2 eligible students will receive an email with more info). You can also check out our Continuing Student Housing Contract page for more information.

Residents then have until January 15 to claim their apartment. After this date the available apartment spaces will be distributed through a lottery (for those who aren’t eligible for 2&2).

It matters when you turn in your Apartment contract! When you turn in the contract electronically, you choose what room type you want as long as that room type is still available.

Students not eligible for 2&2: Results of the lottery will be out at the end of January so it’s really smart to apply for a University Apartment before looking in IV. If you find out you don’t get a spot, you can start looking elsewhere at that point (There’s no rush to sign a lease before then, no matter what IV landlords might have you believe!)

For first-years that want to live in an apartment their third year, contracts for the residence halls will be available starting December 2 here!

Visit our 2&2 Program Page for more information!

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