Halloween Safety & Security at #UCSB

October 29, 2013
be safe this halloween

Halloween Weekend is this weekend! No matter what your plans are, one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself during this time of year is to stay informed.

Staff coverage will be increased and security fencing will be placed at San Rafael, Manzanita, Santa Catalina & San Clemente. Exterior doors to the Residence Halls will be locked Wednesday, October 30th - Sunday, November 3rd. All entry to the building will be redirected through the lobby doors. For your safety, Please keep your room doors locked and do not prop open any exterior doors.

Residents must carry proper photo ACCESS cards at all times and must be given to apartment staff, other university staff, and the police upon request. Expect 100s of police officers in and around Isla Vista. Police might block all entry to the area and if you leave the area on Friday or Saturday Night, you may need proof of residence to be allowed back.

There will be parking restrictions, roadblocks and checkpoints in Isla Vista throughout the weekend on roads entering campus and unauthorized vehicles will be denied access. Access to El Colegio Road and/or Isla Vista may be closed for safety reasons if deemed necessary by law enforcement. If roads are closed, proof of residence may be required to enter. For information on parking restrictions, road closures and campus checkpoints, visit Transportation & Parking Services.

Your observance of the “no guest” policy is critical to promoting a SAFE HALLOWEEN.

Be sure to read the Halloween Safety Tips & Information Flyer as well as the article in the Daily Nexus on How to Have a Happy, Healthy Halloween.

The office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs (EVPLA) is a resource for issues during Halloween (and throughout the year)! You can visit their website for helpful information pertaining to this weekend including laws, rights, events, resources and more.

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