Good Things Come in Threes!

July 19, 2013
triple room at move in

Our office is currently in the middle of assigning residence hall rooms and you will receive your room assignment information by early September. Here’s some information to keep in mind...

We will take all students who volunteered for triples on their personal preferences first and then randomly select a number of students who did not volunteer for triple rooms.

Furniture in these rooms has been evaluated for most efficient use of space and students will save about $2,800 less per year compared to a double. Many students find the cost savings to be worthwhile. This year, almost all new incoming freshmen will be placed in triple rooms. Tripled students will have the option to be placed on a de-triple list to be moved to a double room as space becomes available. Many times when tripled students are given the option to de-triple, they often decline because of the connections they’ve made with their roommates and because of the cost savings.

We will provide more information and housing tips in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned! In the meantime, please let us know right away if you no longer plan on living in the residence halls by emailing Res Hall Assignment Services at

triple room at move in

triple room at move in


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