GIVE When You Move Out!

June 10, 2014
GIVE sale

Does your room seem more packed with stuff than it did when you moved in? If there is anything you’d rather not take with you when you move out, donate it to the GIVE to Isla Vista program! Donate lightly used clothes, bikes, and other items. The GIVE drop off points will be open from June 9-June 20, at multiple locations in the Chi-5 and one location in Santa Catalina! There are also two drop off points for the apartments and one for Isla Vista Residents. You can also buy donated items at the GIVE sale with proceeds benefitting non-profit organizations in IV. For exact locations and more  info, please visit:

GIVE is also seeking volunteers ages 18 and older June 11 - June 22:

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Great program! It is always a

Great program! It is always a good idea to donate unwanted items when moving instead of just throwing those items away. As a saying goes: One person's trash is another's treasure. Good luck!


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