Faculty-in-Residence: Connecting you to Faculty at #UCSB

December 6, 2013
faculty-in-residence program

Coming to college is a learning experience, but it is very common to find yourself with more questions coming out of college than when you came in. Whether it is career choices, academic advice, or even social guidance, students may not always feel they have all the right answers.

This is why we have a program where students living in our continuing student residence halls (Manzanita Village & San Rafael Hall), can meet up with experienced and respected faculty and staff here at UCSB. The Faculty-in-Residence program assists students with advice on academic and other matters. The faculty-in-residence holds office hours and teams up with RAs to offer programs to benefit residents. The program also provides opportunities for students to meet UCSB faculty during programs that happen a few times a quarter and ultimately aims to create a spirit of community among students, faculty, and staff. Through social and educational activities, the Faculty-in-Residence program will introduce you to new ideas and allow you to interact in an informal setting with University administrators, staff and other faculty members right on campus.

This is just one of many of the exciting unique programs we offer to our residents here in the UCSB residence halls. Our current faculty-in-residence, Professor Amit Ahuja, is always willing to talk to students. Learn more by contacting Professor Amit Ahuja at the Faculty-in-Residence Facebook page.

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I need to talk to someone about construction noise in the morning it is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable


hi Connor, are you referring to San Joaquin? If so, I would start with our Associate Director of Project Management Brian Graham. His contact info is bgraham@housing.ucsb.edu or (805) 893-4078.


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