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March 12, 2013
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UCSB recently competed in a UC/CSU wide competition to save energy! Our school systems partnered up to promote a healthier environmental footprint and to save energy as much as possible. Our school competed against other UCs and CSUs and our residence halls competed against each other. The big winner is Santa Rosa Residence Hall with a 7.2% reduction in energy! Congrats Santa Rosa!

One of the coolest tools of this competition is the Building Dashboard at: It’s packed full of cool information about the competition, as well as info for a better energy efficient lifestyle!

There are 4 major sections you can check out:

  • Building Flow/Map slider: Go here to check out information about specific buildings that participated in the challenge.
  • Tips and Tricks: Learn a bunch of ways to keep your energy usage down!
  • Challenge/Competition/Twitter feed: These sections provide updates and rankings!
  • Our Buildings rankings: Check out who’s saving the most energy on campus! Good job Santa Rosa!

Although the competition officially closed last week, you can still get some great info on how your building did in the competition and pick up some tips and tricks on how to keep saving energy. Check out the dashboard and keep conserving to save!

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Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa turned off the lights in the hallway during the day, and not all halls allow their students to do that. It's an unfair advantage.

Energy Contest

Hi, we talked to the Energy & Environmental manager and he clarified that each building competes against their building's baseline and not against other buildings' usage. Regarding Santa Rosa LED lights in the halls, they don’t use that much energy so the savings is smaller. Plus, Manzanita did very well and they don’t turn off their hall lights. Thanks for your comment!


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