Cooking in the #UCSB Res Halls

July 25, 2014
no microwaves permitted

If you need to cook in the residence halls, there are microwaves & stoves conveniently located in each building’s kitchenette for your use. Microwave ovens and electrical cooking appliances such as coffee makers, rice cookers, and water heaters are not permitted in student rooms due to fire and safety issues. Not to worry caffeine lovers: Our dining commons offer fresh brewed coffee at every meal (fair trade & organic!) and you can always use the kitchenettes to whip up some instant coffee as a back up! (Or consider getting a french press!) The residence hall front desks will often have cooking & baking supplies you can check out but if you like to cook frequently, it wouldn’t hurt to bring your own.

UCSB Apartments come with a full kitchen but residents will need to bring their own microwave. Apartments residents can also purchase an Off Campus Meal Plan for extra convenience & flexibility.

Reminder: Res hall residents can increase their meal plan at any time and decrease before the start of each quarter by visiting our Changing Meal Plans page.


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