Continuing Students: Volunteer at #UCSB Move In Weekend 2014!

June 18, 2014
move in volunteer

Returning students are eligible to help at Move-In 2014.

Be one of the first to welcome UCSB’s incoming students to campus and the Residence Halls! By becoming a Move-In Crew volunteer, YOU are able to make a lasting positive impression on parents and students. Volunteers get a free meal and t-shirt and volunteers living in the residence halls can move in a day early.

Sign up here:

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I want to be able to help our

I want to be able to help our fellow gauchos move in. I know moving in was tough and I had a lot of questions and I would like to be able to help the new students like how I was so greatly helped.

move in volunteer

hi, i don't think it's too late to volunteer. Visit to find out more. thank you!

Dates and Email with Shift Info

Hi, I signed up to be a move in volunteer at the end of spring quarter and was told we would get an email in early Sept. I have yet to receive an email and was wondering if anyone knew when that would be sent. I would like to know as soon as possible so I can start planning. Also, we do early move in, correct?

Move-In Volunteer

Good Morning, Please contact Gillian Swanson in our Residential & Community Living department. She should have more information on the process and on when they will be sending out that information. You can reach her at


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