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July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015

TO:       Campus Community
FROM:  Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
RE:       Appointment of Willie Brown, Associate Vice Chancellor for Housing, Dining and Auxiliary Enterprises

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Willie Brown as our new Associate Vice Chancellor for Housing, Dining and Auxiliary Enterprises under the division of Administrative Services.

Willie was recommended to me as the top candidate for this position after a nationwide search. I would like to thank the search advisory committee, chaired by Joel Michaelsen and co-chaired by Pam Lombardo, for their hard work over the past several months. The members of the search committee are listed below.

Willie brings 35 years of UC experience to this key position with a reputation as a compassionate, wise, and strong leader. His reputation in the University of California is stellar. He has served as UCSB’s Executive Director of Housing & Residential Services for the past 27 years managing a housing program that accommodates over 8,600 students, 750 family residents and 23,000 summer conference visits and has supervised 743 full-time and student employees. Willie received his Juris Doctor from Western State University College of Law and his Bachelors of Art from University of California, San Diego.

This is an excellent opportunity for the division of Administrative Services to benefit from Willie’s superb leadership capabilities. In addition to Housing & Residential Services, Willie’s new portfolio will include Transportation & Parking Services, the University Center, Events Center, UCSB Bookstore, and Campus Dining.  

Willie will be our new Associate Vice Chancellor beginning August 1. I look forward to our continued collaboration as we continue to pursue excellence in Administrative Services.  

Marc Fisher

Search Advisory Committee
Joel Michaelsen, Chair; Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor
Pam Lombardo, Vice Chair; Acting Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Lisa Daniels, Director of Administration, Academic Affairs
Brice Erickson, Professor of Classics
Debbie Fleming, Senior Associate Dean, Office of Student Life
George Hopwood, Senior Sponsored Projects Officer, Office of Research
John Longbrake, Associate Vice Chancellor, News & Communications
Mark Nocciolo, Assistant Director, Budget & Planning
Juli Pippin, Assistant Dean for Budget & Administration, College of Engineering
Kathy Scheidemen, MSO, Earth Research Institute
Pierre Wiltzius, Dean of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences
Jack Wolever, Director of Design and Construction Services


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2017 housing westwinds

So me and my current roomate lived in westwinds room 3 this year. When it was time to get assigned for the next year housing we were not able to re list for westwinds 3 because housing moved us out to apartment 18 because they had to fix the shower. We wanted to room in the 1 bedroom 2 person option again next year but both had bad pass times and was not granted that chance. I know that sometime it shows students that it is full but it is really not because they want space for transfers. We were wondering is it possible to get outr westwinds 3 for next year .

2017-2018 Housing Contract

Hi Trayvon, Did you guys end up self assigning in a different unit/building? If so you can sign up for our "Apartment/Room Change Request Form". If you did not you would have to sign up for our Apartment Waitlist. Both of these links can be found here: Due to your unique situation, moving from a different building due to a shower, I would give our apartments office a call at 805.893.4021. Hope this helps, Mandy


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