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November 25, 2014
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The Fall Feedback/RA Survey is now open for residence hall and apartment residents! Check your email for the link to take the survey. Anyone who completes the survey is eligible to win a gift card, with values from $25-$100. In addition, you get to make suggestions to improve your community while completing the survey. We highly value all resident feedback so let us know what we can do to improve your housing experience!

Don’t forget to submit your survey by Sunday, December 14th!

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The Fall Feedback

Hi, there were a lot of broken stuffs when I first move in my apartment at Santa Ynez. For examples, some doors' locks didn't work. Things that would improve the housing are bookshelves and a kitchen pantry. Bookshelves are important because students can have space to put their books, instead on the ground. Currently, only 1 student has a bookshelf out of the whole households and it's unfair for other students as well. A kitchen pantry, especially in a cottage apartment, would be very useful to students to store their dry food inside, not lying around the kitchen.

fall feedback survey

hi, thank you for your comment! Please make sure you include this feedback in your survey response. Also, please place a work request for anything broken or not working In the meantime, I will pass along your comment to the folks responsible for these areas. Thanks!




i am very happy living in the Pendola House this fall quarter. I knew so many people and make friends with them. The RA is also friendly and helpful.

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing! I will be sure to pass your kind words along.

My first year here at UCSB,

My first year here at UCSB, and I love it! I live in San Cat north and it was good. There weren't any issues. The double I live in is spacious and it's a great tower.


Ganesh is a great RA of the 1300s Santa Cruz. Highly dedicated to the welfare and happiness of his residents. always giving 110% in all his events and always a friendly face to see around campus. Definitely feel lucky to have such a chill RA and one who can ball up :) (1323)


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