Community Councils

January 14, 2012

Get to know the people behind the programs! All of these Councils/Associations put a lot of time and effort into making your UCSB experience a phenomenal one.

Graduate Student Apartments Community Council (GSACC)
This council is responsible for events and planning for all Graduate Student Apartments (primarily San Clemente Villages.)

Student Apartment Community Council
They are a Board of students who are devoted to making sure your life in university-owned undergraduate apartments (Santa Ynez, El Dorado, and Westgate) is as fun and satisfying as humanly possible. They are here to help you get involved with them or with other groups on campus, so that you can make the most out of your time at UCSB and further your future success!

Family Student Housing Tenant’s Association
A committee dedicated to helping out those who live in family housing at UCSB. They actively pursue problems and issues that are relevant to their residents.

Residence Housing Association (RHA)
The Residence Housing Association is UCSB’s student government for the residence halls. They conduct social, educational, cultural, and recreational programming for all of their residents, as well as advocate for their residents in the larger campus community. They put the unity in community! There are always opportunities to get involved. Contact your RA for more information!


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