Are there hydration stations located in UCSB housing?

We have hydration stations* in the following locations:

  • Anacapa Hall Lobby
  • Manzanita Village
    • DeAnza Resource Center Lobby
    • Montecito House Lobby
    • Madulce House Lobby
    • Tecolote House Lobby
  • San Clemente Villages
    • Arrowhead Village common room
  • San Miguel Hall Lobby
  • San Nicolas Hall Lobby
  • San Rafael Hall
    • First Floor Tower Lobby (across from elevator)
    • First Floor Ocean Cluster
    • Third Floor Mountain Cluster
  • Santa Catalina Hall
    • North Tower
      • First Floor Lobby
      • Fifth Floor
    • South Tower
      • First Floor Lobby
      • Fifth Floor
  • Santa Cruz Hall Lobby
  • Santa Rosa Hall Lobby
  • Santa Ynez Apartments Laundry Room
  • Sierra Madre Villages Miramar Center
  • West Campus Community Center
  • Storke Family Student Housing Laundry Room

*A hydration station is an upgraded drinking fountain that provides students a convenient way to fill up their reusable water bottles with filtered water for free. Instead of having to tilt their water bottle to fill it 75% at a water fountain, students now have the luxury of being able to fill their bottle to the top. There are also many hydration stations located throughout campus (visit the hydration station "layer" on UCSB's interactive campus map.) In addition to providing students a way of staying healthy and hydrated throughout the school year, hydration stations promote environmental stewardship by encouraging students to use and re-fill their reusable water bottles rather than purchasing single-use plastic bottles that end up polluting our oceans, beaches, and communities.


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