Family Student Housing

What immigration enforcement actions occur at UC schools?

We know that many members of the University of California community are concerned about immigration enforcement actions occurring across the country and have asked about the possibility of enforcement actions occurring on a UC campus. The Office of General Counsel at the UC Office of the President prepared the following to address these concerns: FAQs - Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

What type of housekeeping service is provided in the UCSB apartments?

In all UCSB apartment complexes, housekeeping service is limited to public areas such as laundry rooms, community centers, and exterior staircases and landings. Housekeeping services are not provided for apartment interiors. Residents are responsible for maintaining their apartments in a sanitary and non-hazardous condition. If you wish to vacuum your floors, you can borrow a vacuum from your Front Desk or your RA.

What/When is dog therapy day?

During the 10th week of the quarter (the week before finals), UCSB Health & Wellness brings in certified dog therapists to help relieve finals week stress and promote positive outlooks and wellness. Advertisements for Dog Therapy Day will broadcast on DigiKnow screens throughout our communities and Dining Commons as “Study Week” (the week before finals) approaches.

My computer's not connecting to the residential network (ResNet). Who can help me?

The ResNet staff can help you! There are service centers in San Nicolas, Manzanita Village, and Santa Catalina where you can talk to and receive help from a member of the ResNet staff. You can also email with specific questions and concerns! More contact information as well as the ResNet information and policies can be found online at   

Can I live in University Housing if I am not a full-time student?

As a student living in University Housing, it is required that you are enrolled as a full-time student, taking a minimum of 12 units per quarter. If you are not enrolled with 12 units, or are unable to sign up for classes, you MUST make an appointment to meet with your hall’s Resident Director as soon as possible to discuss the matter further and go over your options. To make an appointment with your RD, stop by your hall’s front desk. Apartment residents should stop by the main office in Santa Ynez or call 805-893-4021.