Raul Martinez, Senior, Business Economics and Political Science, El Monte, CA
"I believe my favorite experiences  living in the residence halls was staying up all night and talking with some of the most interesting people I've ever met in my whole life.  People who want to see students grow into citizens of the world come from all walks of life. It is their stories, experiences, and life lessons that really contribute to the person you become. Being involved with RHA as President gave me experiences and skills that I could not have learned anywhere else. It was difficult at times to balance two majors, RHA involvement, and a social life; but these are skills that will transition into the “real world”. Being in meetings with UC Regents, Chancellor Yang, and advocating for students and UCSB as a whole is an aspect I never thought I would have the privilege of doing. To this day it is one of my proudest accomplishments. With enough support and hard work any student can get involved as I did. The important aspect is that you should get involved and make UCSB and the local community better for all. It helps make UCSB your home, a place to make friends, and find what interests you."

Presly Mellor, Freshman, Global Studies Major, San Marcos, CA
I absolutely loved living in the residence halls during my freshmen year! I lived in Anacapa Hall in the Chi-5 area, which made it easier to connect to residents in the other four halls close by. I loved my ocean view from my room and the two minute walk to the beach while being close to most of the classrooms on campus. What I loved most about my residence hall was the close knit community. People were definitely not confined to their floors; the way Anacapa is set up allows for other people from other floors to meet each other pretty easily. It was not uncommon to have people invite you to play volleyball with them or to go on a hike up to Seven Falls! Because I worked at the front desk, I got to know a lot of people from my hall. I met some of my closest friends working at the desk! Anacapa was my second family my freshmen year and it'll always have a special place in my heart.

Dr. Amit Ahuja, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Faculty in Residence
He is responsible for creating and sponsoring educational and social programs and activities that will connect residents with faculty in the halls. Dr. Ahuja will also be available to consult with residents and staff on an individual and small group basis. He brings to the FiR position experience in working with students in and out of the classroom, and working with staff and residents to create a fun living-learning environment.

Janet Warner, Parent, Chino Hills, CA
It seems like only yesterday my husband and I were moving our daughter into the residence halls at UCSB I remember that day so vividly as so many questions and concerns swirled through my mind. Once we arrived on campus and followed the signs to our designated hall we became excited and filled with apprehension...this was it! Our daughter a new Freshman was about to embark on a new chapter in her living. We have been very pleased with our UCSB housing experience every single year - 4 total! The move-in and move-out experiences were always very organized and everyone was so helpful. Though each new year brought a new student housing location we quickly became familiar with the new living area, parking lots and laundry facilities. The whole experience has proved to be a very positive one! Thanks so very much for a job well done to the UCSB Housing Office! You made our daughter's transition to college life a terrific one!

Genie Won, Junior, Communications, Korea
 I love the environment in UCSB and around IV. Facing themountains and the sea, it's just plain beautiful, no other words can describe it.  Plus, people can't be nicer here. A community made up only of college students was pretty fascinating for me and because of that, it's so safe around here.

Lisa Przekop, Associate Director of Admissions, 30 years
As Associate Director of Admissions, my job is to plan programs and events for prospective students that will draw them to UCSB.  We don’t feel that we’re “recruiting”, instead we help students find the best fit campus by sharing the qualities about UCSB that will provide them with an amazing college experience.  What I love about Housing, is that I’m completely confident that the new students we’ve brought in will give them what was promised---a caring, nurturing environment where the everyone from residence hall staff to dining staff make sure the students begin their academic career in a safe, culturally sensitive, fun, welcoming space.  I was actually an RA in San Nic in the 1980’s and skills I learned in that position have continued to serve me well in Admissions!