San Rafael


San Rafael Residence Hall is near Manzanita Village and the Isla Vista community. It is home to 600 Continuing, Transfer, and International students, and offers varied living accommodations in the seven story tower and three story cluster buildings. Single and double rooms, as well as double rooms in suite accommodations for four, six or eight students of the same sex are available. Some of the suites have balconies & patios. Manzanita and San Rafael share a Faculty-in-Residence who advises residents, and provides opportunities for residents to meet other faculty members. 

  • Located at Main Campus West
  • Primarily a non-freshmen complex with a 7-story tower and two 3-story buildings (Mountain and Ocean Clusters)
  • The San Rafael tower has two elevators serving all seven floors. The 3-story San Rafael Ocean and Mountain Clusters are connected by stairs. There is no elevator access to the second or third floors in the Clusters.  
  • The co-ed design is approximately 50 students per floor with men and women housed in alternating suites on each floor.
  • Bathrooms and living rooms are located within each suite.
  • There are 36 4-person suites, 12 6-person suites, 24 8-person suites, 36 doubles, and 114 singles.
  • Multiple study lounges and kitchenettes offered throughout the halls
  • All inclusive 9-month contract includes a meal plan, high-speed wireless internet access, regular housekeeping, laundry rooms, and 24-hour on-call maintenance and emergency staff 
  • Rates for San Rafael suites are the same as other UCSB Residence Halls. The rate depends on the meal plan and room type, which will most likely be a double room within a 4-, 6- or 8-person suite
  • Loma Pelona Center, next to San Rafael, has a fitness center with exercise machines
  • Nearby DeAnza Center has meeting rooms, classrooms, a kitchenette, RHA satellite office, ResNet center, and computer lab
  • Other amenities include the Carrillo pool, a courtyard in the center of the tower with outdoor patio furniture, a sand volleyball court, a classroom, and a TV room
  • Living Learning Communities: Second Year Residential Experience (SYRE), Substance-Free, Wellness, Serenity, Multicultural Experience, and Faculty in Residence programming.
  • Gender inclusive housing options are available for students that are transgender, transsexual, intersex, and other diverse gender identities and expressions. To inquire about gender inclusive housing options, please contact Mario Munoz, Apartment Assignment Services 805-893-7391, or the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity 805-893-5846.
  • Want to see how UCSB students have transformed their room into their new home? Check out our Real UCSB Rooms board on Pinterest!


2016-17 Rates. See 2017-18 for next year's rates.

meal plan options
single room
double room
triple room
unlimited entries/week
17 meals
14 meals
10 meals

UCSB residence hall triple rooms are considered temporary, whether or not a student requests one as their top preference. Our standard is a double room, so budget for a double. Students will receive a rate discount only for the time three students are booked in the room. If one (or both) of the roommates move out, the remaining student(s) will be billed the double room rate, prorated, from that date through the end of the contract period.