Road Work at West Campus Today - 3/14/14

March 14, 2014

Good Morning West Campus!

We have just heard from the Sierra Madre contractors that there will be continued work on the storm drain project today.  They are currently working to bring the storm drain across the entrance road, which will result in a few short, 5 minute road closures between building 710 and Lot 2 as equipment is being moved.  Aside from that, the road should remain passable, however there may be a short stretch of temporary dirt road used to keep access open to residents.  Work will contine in the open trench at the corner of building 710.  Metal plates and fencing will be put down when the area is unattended, however please exercise caution around the area, especially with small children.

On a side note, we have been aware of frequent extended road closures (30+ minutes) over the past few weeks in this same area.  We are working with the contractors to limit the frequency and duration of these closures.  Our current understanding is that there may be short closures of 5 minutes as equipment is being moved across the road depending on the needs of the project.  It is difficult to get word as to when these will happen, and communicate with residents.  For extended road closures (greater than 20 min) we have asked to be notified so we can share this information with residents, and that there be a clearly marked alternative traffic route.  We will share this information with residents as we receive it.  If the road is closed and you are unable to get to your parking space, please park in a visitor space at the front of the complex until the road is reopened.

We understand that these closures and the impacts on West Campus have been greater than intially expected by residents and by the department, and at times frustrating to live with.  Please continue to let us know if you have any concerns about the project by calling one of our offices.  Office staff will make sure that your concern is referred to the appropriate party.

West Campus - 893-3040

Storke - 893-2617