Construction Update for the Week of March 24, 2014

March 21, 2014

PLEASE NOTE: This is early information we are receiving about upcoming work.  We will post an update on Monday, 3/24/14, with additional information as we receive it.

What’s happening at the Sierra Madre Villages construction site this week:

West Campus/Sierra Madre Court entrance relocation and storm drain installation continues.  The intense work at the corner of the 710 building should be tapering off, and the focus will be closer to Storke Rd on the new section of Sierra Madre Court.  Large tractors and associated noise can be expected.  There are not any road closures planned, but there may be temporary delays as equipment crosses the road.  Once this work is completed the new entrance will be paved, requiring an alternate pedestrian and driving plan.  This is tentatively scheduled for the first week in April, and we will give updates as we receive more information.

On Wednesday, March 26, Goleta Water District will be performing infrastructure work on the main water line in Storke Rd.  This will necessitate a water shut off to all of the West Campus complex, and other parts of Storke Rd.  Please see earlier post for more details

Work will restart on Monday, 3/24/14, at the back side of the West Campus complex, along the curb that was removed last week on the perimeter road bordering Lot 3.  It will start with brush clearing at the side of the road, and will progress to site grading and trenching in the area between Elkus Walk and Venoco Road..  All work will occur off of the main road, so no traffic detours are expected, however there will be large equipment and associated noise at times.  Eventually pipe will be laid in the prepared site to connect water lines at the North and South side of the complex, creating a more stable and efficient water supply system to West Campus.

With all of the activity going on at the front of West Campus we are asking that all pedestrians remain out of the roadway for their own safety, and follow detour signs directing pedestrians to use the pathway by the playground to access Storke Rd.