Construction Update for the Week of March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

What’s happening at the Sierra Madre Villages construction site this week:

The current focus of the construction project continues to be the West Campus/Sierra Madre Court entrance relocation and storm drain installation.  There will be continued activity at the corner of the 710 building as Tierra Construction installs a storm drain inlet box underground at the side of the road.  This work is anticipated to last through Friday, March 21, but may extend longer if unforeseen circumstances arise.

On Tuesday, March 18, Goleta Water District will be performing necessary work on the waterline at the same corner to allow for the storm drain installation.  This will necessitate a water shut off to the north part of the West Campus complex.

With all of the activity going on at the front of West Campus we are asking that all pedestrians remain out of the roadway for their own safety.  Detour signs will be posted today directing pedestrians to use the pathway by the playground to access Storke Rd.

Anticipated West Campus impacts for this week:

- We have been made aware of frequent road closures between the 710 building and lot 2, and understand how difficult this is for residents at West Campus.  After consulting with the project management team, it has been communicated to the contractors that extended road closures require advance notification and proper traffic detours and signage.  We will notify residents of these closures as we are made aware of them.  Short closures (5ish minutes) while equipment is being moved or loaded can be expected, and do not require advance notice.  Otherwise the road should remain open to residents.

- There will be significant noise associated with the storm drain inlet box installation at the corner of building 710, as well as an open trench while workers are present.  This trench will be covered with plates while not attended, however please exercise caution when in the area, especially with small children.

- Water will be shut off on Tuesday, March 18, to the North side of the complex.  Please see Friday’s post for details and affected buildings.

- The West Campus entrance will be closed to pedestrians.  Please follow the detour route posted.