Construction update for the Week of April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

• With the construction activity and narrow fence line on both the North and West sides of the West Campus complex, traffic has been restricted to 1-way only on ALL parts of the perimeter road, including the stretch between Lot 2 and the entrance. 

What’s happening at the Sierra Madre Villages construction site this week:

Paving at the new West Campus/Sierra Madre Court entrance continues this week, and is expected to finish around April 24th.  Once the road is completed traffic will be shifted to the new entrance.  We will notify residents of the new traffic pattern once it has been finalized.  Large tractors and associated noise can be expected.  There are not any road closures planned, but there may be temporary delays as equipment crosses the road. 

Goleta Water District will be finishing the installation of the new fire hydrant at the front corner of the 710 building on Monday, 4/7.  Sidewalk will be poured at the same corner near the end of the week.  No road closures or water shut offs are expected in association with this work, however there will be workers and equipment on the side of the road, and short temporary delays in traffic may occur as equipment crosses the road. 

Work continues at the back (west) side of the West Campus complex, to the side of the perimeter road where they are laying new water pipe as part of a plan to make the water system more stable at West Campus, and more accessible in case of emergency.  There will be a bit of a lull in activity this week, and increased activity starting April 21st when the pipe is installed.  Once the pipe is installed Goleta Water District will need to perform a complex-wide water shut off to tie in the new pipe to the current system.

Behind the construction fencing progress continues.  Current work includes electrical and irrigation installation, in addition to continued foundation pouring, and wall installation at Building 7.
All work this week should occur off of the main road, so no traffic detours are expected, however there will be large equipment and associated noise at times.  The road is also slightly more narrow than usual, so please exercise caution when driving, and always follow the posted one way signage.