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Parking & Transportation

Residence Hall Parking

  • Students Living in the UCSB Residence Halls are not guaranteed a campus parking space and are encouraged to use other means of transportation to travel to off-campus destinations. There are a limited amount of parking spaces available to students living in the residence halls. If you do not receive a parking space please do not bring a car with you to UCSB. Other parking is not available (i.e. street parking in Isla Vista). Santa Catalina Residence Hall parking is only available in campus lots #30 and #38. For parking information, visit UCSB Transportation & Parking Services. (Please note, you cannot sign up for parking until you have your residence hall assignment in early September.)

Apartment Parking

  • Family Student Housing
    • Only one parking space is allocated per apartment in the Storke and West Campus Apartments. Permits can be picked up from the complex office. Residents can get on a waiting list for a second vehicle permit after moving in. Residents are not permitted to park a second car in Family Student Housing parking lots unless and until a second permit is issued. Residents may purchase a second permit to park at Santa Ynez Apartments via UCSB Transportation & Parking Services.
  • Graduate Apartments
    • Each resident in San Clemente Villages is entitled to a parking permit at no extra charge. There are enough parking spaces for every resident. Please contact the Santa Ynez main office at 805-893-4501 for information on how to sign up for a parking permit.
  • Undergraduate Apartments
    • Parking is generally available for those who wish to bring cars; however, parking is not guaranteed on site and may be located up to one mile away from your apartment. Permits for all Undergraduate Apartments can be purchased online via UCSB Transportation & Parking Services.
      • In Santa Ynez and Westgate parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis, but there is generally ample parking for all residents with cars.
      • El Dorado, Westwinds, and Sierra Madre Villages have limited parking spaces allocated on a lottery basis. Residents can sign up for the lottery on the UCSB Transportation & Parking Services website between 9/1/16 – 9/6/16.  The lottery will be conducted on 9/7/16, and winners must purchase the permit by 9/9/17, or will forfeit the permit. Those who do not win a El Dorado, Westwinds, or Sierra Madre parking space may purchase a parking permit for the Santa Ynez parking lot. 
      • San Joaquin Villages parking is not available on site. Permits can be purchased for campus lots #30 or #38.

Public Transportation

All public transportation is easily accessible by MTD bus lines.

Other Transportation Options

Here are a few other options we recommend.

  • Zipcar: offers access to cars parked right on campus by the hour or by the day.
  • Zimride: private ridesharing network for UCSB. Share seats in your car or catch a ride.