About Us

We Provide housing & services for...
  • 7300+ students in 8 residence halls and 6 apartment complexes
  • 87 for-sale homes and rental apartments for faculty
  • 10,000+ students adjacent to the campus
  • 23,000 conferees during the summer
  • 462 full-time career employees
  • 700+ part-time student and limited employees

UCSB HOUSING, DINING & AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES provides housing and associated residential life services for UCSB's undergraduate student, graduate student and faculty population. While the majority of functions at UCSB operate during the traditional “40‐hour” workweek, H&RS operates on a 24‐hour daily basis throughout the year. The scope of the services offered can be compared to those of operating a small city. The business of HDAE involves the entire range of services associated with the administration of that small city, including physical and capital planning, maintenance and upkeep, community supervision and safety, and support services.

Mission Statement

UCSB is a distinguished university recognized for its leadership by state, national, and world academic communities. Housing & Residential Services exists as an integral part of the educational program and academic services of UCSB. Inherent in the operation of Housing & Residential Services is the formation and support of an atmosphere that is conducive to living and learning for our residents and for those who use our services. Housing & Residential Services promotes the academic mission of UCSB and creates through support services and developmental programs a sense of community among students, faculty and staff.

The mission of Housing & Residential Services is based on the following:

  • Learning is a continuous process
  • A community is positively served by responsible social behavior
  • Staff members serve as role models to the larger community
  • People learn from diversity
  • Environment affects behavior: A positive environment promotes positive behavior
  • Community action and involvement are key ingredients in the democratic process
  • Proper nourishment is equally important to a students' intellectual development

What We Are About

New employees in Housing& Residential Services are given a laminated card when they begin with seven sentences stating the core values HDAE employees try to exemplify in their daily work. These were developed by employees within the department to reflect what “we are about” in our service to the organization, in our relationships with fellow employees, and most importantly in our work for our customers.

  • Exceptional service to those we serve
  • Continuous learning & growth
  • Respecting & understanding individual differences
  • Building partnerships & helping others succeed
  • Being environmentally sensitive
  • Having fun & being passionate about our work
  • Striving to be the best!

Strategic Plan

Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises has a long history of strategic planning. In 2008 we updated our strategic plan. We use this plan within all of our units and in collaboration with our residents to focus and build upon our strengths as an organization and to create “The Best Housing Experience” for our residents.
In the spirit of sharing best practices, our “2020 Vision: The Best Housing Experience” Strategic Plan publication is listed below, along with two professional presentations about successful strategic planning and the appreciative inquiry methodology that we used in our planning process.


Mentors of Exceptional Service

H&RS values the organizations and people who model exceptional service to their clientele and community.  In 1997, H&RS began a process to recognize on an annual basis those organizations and people who clearly evidence exceptional customer service.  Our Mentors of Exceptional Service are presented with an award at the department’s Town Hall Meeting.


H&RS Annual Report

Departments in Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises

  • Provides leadership and management to the broad and diverse set of programs, services, and initiatives related to the UCSB housing program
  • The sub‐units within the Executive Director’s Office include Organizational & Performance Management, Resource Planning, and Communications, Marketing & Social Media
  • staff & phones
Business & Financial Planning    
  • Responsible for fiscal and administrative services
  • Maintains program oversight of Budget & Finance, Administrative & Residential Information Technology, Campus Conference Services, and Faculty Housing Services
  • staff & phones

Residential & community Living 

  • Responsible for the well‐being and quality of life for 9,000 students living in the campus’ apartments and residence halls
  • Supervises the live-in staff that facilitates social, academic and educational programming, as well as counseling and campus resource referrals
  • Oversees resident placement services, community councils, student conduct, and the Community Housing Office which assists students, faculty and staff with rental options, landlord/tenant advisement and dispute resolution
  • Provides support and advisement to the Santa Barbara Housing Co-op in Isla Vista
  • staff & phones
Residential Dining
  • Operates four dining commons: Carrillo, De La Guerra, Ortega, and Portola
  • Serves more than 2.1 million meals each year to students, faculty, staff, guests and summer conferees
  • Employs a professional career staff of 175 and a part time student staff of 500
  • Coordinates food concessions at campus concerts and sporting events
  • Provides meals and catering for adult and youth conference attendees during the summer
  • Coordinates special events catering for university functions
  • staff & phones
Residential Operations 
  • Responsible for day-to-day operations and maintenance of housing facilities in addition to long-range planning and implementation of renovations and refurbishment
  • Departments include: Landscaping, Custodial, and Maintenance Services, Environmental and Energy Programs, Health Advocacy and Wellness, and Project Management
  • staff & phones