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Transfer Students

The following information is for NEW UNDERGRADUATE TRANSFER students who will enter UCSB in Fall 2017 and would like to be guaranteed housing for 2017-2018 in the UCSB undergraduate apartments

Housing Guaranteed for New Transfer Students (Fall 2017): 

UCSB guarantees 2 years of housing accommodations for newly admitted TRANSFER students in university undergraduate apartments for students who apply on time. Students who are New Transfers for the Winter or Spring Quarter, and seek housing for the remainder of the academic year should apply for housing through the Winter/Spring Housing Application
  • Return your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by June 1, 2017. 
  • Establish your UCSB Net ID, and be sure that your U-Mail address is activated. It sometimes takes up to 10 days to activate your U-Mail address once you establish your UCSBnetID. You will not have access to the Undergraduate Apartment Application until we have your U-Mail address. 
  • Submit the Housing Application between 10am (Pacific Time) on May 1 and June 10, 2017 (Please note: You must return your SIR, establish your UCSBnetID, and activate your U-Mail before you can complete a Undergraduate Apartment Application so be sure to allow time for processing.) 

By June 16th, applicants will be notified of their UCSB Undergradaute Apartment Contract offer. They will need to complete their digital signature on the contract by the deadline to guarantee housing for next year. More instructions will be sent via U-Mail to new transfer students who complete the Undergraduate Apartment Application by the deadline. 

As a current resident, you’ll have the unique privilege to pick and secure exactly where you’ll be living in 2016-17. You will not sign a contract until you book a space, so you'll know exactly where you'll be living for 2016-17 by this winter! - See more at:

*Note: There are no single occupancy spaces available for incoming transfer students, and roughly one third of our apartment spaces available will be triple occupancy rooms. 

  • Complete and digitally sign the online contract by the due date. 
  • Students who wish to live with us for a second year (2018-19) should apply with the Continuing Student Application process in Winter 2018. 
  • There is a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel your contract. If you cancel prior to July 1, 2017, the cancellation fee is $250. The cancellation on July 1, 2017 or later, prior to occupancy, is $350. 
  • Please check your U-Mail account directly and frequently so that you don’t miss any important messages from UCSB. It may not be reliable to forward your U-Mail to an alternate email (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.). If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail from us within a few minutes of submitting your applicationand/ or contract, check your spam and folders. 
  • You can learn the names and U-Mail address of your 2017-18 Roommate(s) using your UCSBnetID.
  • If you have any questions about the online application process, please contact Resident Placement & Assignment Services at 805-893-4021 during regualr business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm (excluding 12-1pm) or e-mail your questions to

Still in need of housing for 2017-2018? Apply for the Waitlist below.  

2017-18 Apartment Waitlist


Gender inclusive housing options are available for students that are transgender, transsexual, intersex, and other diverse gender identities and expressions. To inquire about gender inclusive housing options, please contact Mario Munoz, Resident Placement & Assignment Services, at