Transfer Student

Transfer students are students who are newly admitted to UCSB from another campus and have not previously attended UCSB. New transfer students are guaranteed housing for two years in UCSB accommodations as long as they return a Statement of Intent to Register, sign a contract with us for their first year, and adhere to application procedures and deadlines for both years.

  • For 2017-2018, transfer students can choose between the University apartments and residence halls, and will be asked to rank their preference of buildings on the housing application.
  • For their second year at UCSB, transfer students are considered continuing students. Transfer students who live with us their first year are guaranteed housing their second year.
  • Please visit our Applications page for more information.
  • If you are interested in a University-affiliated residence halls or apartments adjacent to UCSB, please visit Tropicana.
  • The Community Housing Office helps transfer students find private accommodations in the community.