Tenaya Market interior

Tenaya Market & Eatery

walk up window
Mon-Fri 8am - 11am
market & EATERY
Everyday 11am - 9pm


Located within the new San Joaquin Villages, the full-service market combines convenience store staples with grocery store items such as fresh local produce, eggs, milk, pasta, and more. In addition, Tenaya Market & Eatery boasts a coffee bar with an exterior walk-up window so you can grab a blended mocha or freshly-made crêpe on your way to class. Or, you can step inside and order your coffee at the counter while perusing the bulk bins of nuts, trail mix, and candy. The market provides a one-stop shop for anyone looking to grab a snack, meal, or ingredients to whip up their own meals at home, which is especially helpful for anyone living in the nearby apartments. No time to cook? The market offers ready-made salads and sandwiches and will soon be offering a selection of hot soups and made-to-order hot entrees such as rice bowls, banh mi sandwiches, and ramen.

Tenaya Market & Eatery is open to the public and accepts cash, debit cards and credit cards.