Moving Into Sierra Madre Villages

Sierra Madre Villages

  • Where do I check in?
    • Move-in for Sierra Madre Academic Year contracts is on Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23, 2018. The check in is in the Sierra Madre Miramar Center where you will get your move in information.  
    • If you arrive later in the week, you may check in at the Sierra Madre Administrative office between 8am and 5pm, or by calling the Resident Assistant on call between 5pm and 8pm at 805-869-3899.
  • Where do I park during check in?

​​Once you have pulled onto Sierra Madre Way please follow signs for the lot to park for check in. Follow all applicable one way signs and park in the first available space for check in. Once the resident exits their vehicle, they can then proceed to the Miramar Center to check in, receive their keys and the location of their unit.    

  • Where is my room or unit?

Please check this Sierra Madre Map to locate your unit. This map shows ground floor units. Units above the first floor will have the second digit of the unit number increased to the floor the unit is on. (Example: The unit above 2101 would be 2201)

  • Are there elevators to help during move in?
    • Sierra Madre Villages is comprised of three story buildings with elevator access. Please check the Sierra Madre map to find elevator locations. Please note: Naciamento and Toluca share an elevator and are connected via landings on each floor.
  • Where can I park after move in?
    • If you have a valid parking permit for the Sierra Madre parking lot, those autos with permits can stay. Other autos can park in lots 10,12, 14, & 18.
      • Shuttle Service
        • There is a shuttle service provided that can bring people from a stop close to the Long Term Lots (University Plaza) to stops by Santa Catalina Residence Hall, Santa Rosa Residence Hall and Anacapa Residence Hall.  There are two lines, so please make sure you're getting on the shuttle that takes you to your destination. 
      • Parking permits during school year
        • Sierra Madre parking permits can be purchased for a yearly fee. Due to limited parking, permits will be available through a lottery system. Residents interested in obtaining a permit can register with Parking Services in early September. For more information, or to register for the lottery please visit the Transportation & Parking website, contact them by phone 805-893-2346, or email