Comings & Goings

May 9, 2016

WELCOME: Abraham Cortes Avelino, Cook, and Ian MacDonald, Sr. Custodian, Carrillo Dining Commons...Armando Garcia and Oscar Luna, Sr. Custodians, Residential Operations...Daniel Eaton, Locksmith, Residential Operations...Simon Herrera-Gomez, Front Desk Manager, The Club & Guest House...Jesse Ceja and Michael Lopez, Cooks, Portola Dining Commons...and River Curls, Sr. Dinner Cook, Portola Dining Commons.

TRANSITIONS: Joaquin Becerra was promoted to Judicial Affairs/Residential Student Conduct Manager...Robert Zavala has moved from Residential Operations to Business & Financial Planning as the Budget & Finance Assistant...Jamaal Ahmed was promoted to Business & Financial Planning Analyst...Dee Jay Johnson was promoted to Student Leadership Programs Manager...Pedro Aguilar was promoted to Lead Groundskeeper...and Alex Ramos was promoted to Assistant Director of Business & Finance in Residential Dining.

FAREWELL: Diana Almaraz, Budget & Finance Assistant, accepted a position at UC Irvine...Ardley Nix retired...Onella Gayraud accepted a position in the Education Abroad Program...Andras Marton, Locksmith...and Socorro Martinez, Sr. Custodian.