San Joaquin Villages


SAN JOAQUIN VILLAGES, UC Santa Barbara's newest apartment complex, became home to approximately 1,000 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students in Fall 2017. This urban style apartment complex is only a 10-minute off-street bike ride from the middle of campus, and is conveniently located adjacent to four bus lines with 247 week day rides. Students can access basic resources like grocery stores, restaurants, banks, and the university all by public transportation. There is also an on-site market, Tenaya Market & Eatery, offering local and sustainable food options. San Joaquin will have four faculty in residence who will advise residents, and provide opportunities for residents to meet other faculty members. Professional live-in staff and Resident Assistants will be available for after-hours assistance and community building. The San Joaquin Apartments will be a highly resource efficient building and will save water, energy and reduce green house gases as it strives for LEED Platinum certification.

  • Located at Storke Campus Housing Complex adjacent to Santa Catalina Residence Hall.
    • 650 Storke Road: San Joaquin North Villages (Elsinore Court, Calaveras Court, Malibu Court, Ramona Court)
    • 750 Storke Road: San Joaquin Tower Villages (Tenaya North, Tenaya South)
  • 3-bedroom apartments, all double occupancy with 2 students per bedroom.
  • All apartments will be fully furnished, and the kitchen includes a dishwasher and microwave.
  • The North Village will be comprised of 107 3-bedroom 2-bath apartments in four 2- to 3-story buildings. Along Storke Road will be two 6-story Towers that will have top-floor terraces that overlook a central plaza of courtyards and open space. The North Tower will have 24 3-bedroom 2-bath apartments, and the South Tower will have 34 3-bedroom 2-bath apartments.
  • There will be one elevator per each of the two towers, and one in each of the clusters in North Village which will be accessible via bridge walks between the buildings.
  • The new 2-story Portola Dining Commons that is being built along El Colegio Road will have an outdoor patio that has views of the mountains and pool deck area.
  • Amenities will include study rooms throughout the entire complex, a ResNet Office, a RHA office, a UCPD/CSO satellite office, a counseling center, a wellness center with massage chair, and the Tenaya Market & Eatery offering local and sustainable food options.
  • All-inclusive 9-month contract includes high-speed wireless internet access, regular landscaping and housekeeping in community spaces, on-site laundry rooms, gas, electricity, water, garbage pick-up, and 24-hour on-call maintenance and emergency staff.
  • Parking is off-site, adjacent to the stadium in lot 38. For more information, please visit the Parking & Transportation page.
  • Living Learning Communities: Chicanx/Latinx Scholars
  • The project is designed to achieve LEED* Platinum certification and will employ sustainable design measures including a stormwater retention basin, energy efficient windows, and energy-star appliances for all kitchens. To learn more, please visit UCSB Continuing to LEED the Way.
  • Don't feel like cooking? UCSB Residential Dining offers students who don't live in the residence halls the option to eat in the UCSB dining commons during the academic year (also see our Summer Meal Plans).
  • Gender inclusive housing options are available for students that are transgender, transsexual, intersex, and other diverse gender identities and expressions. To inquire about gender inclusive housing options, please contact Mario Muñoz, University & Community Housing Services, at
  • For information about contracts, room assignments, billing, etc., please contact University & Community Housing Services.

*Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. LEED is a program administered by the U.S. Green Building Council in an effort to encourage energy and water efficiency; improve indoor environmental quality; use recycled, renewable, and locally available materials; and optimize the way the building and its site interact with the surrounding area. Within each category, points are assigned for the use of different design measures, material choices, or construction practices, the accumulation of which leads to one of four levels of certification, platinum being the highest.


3 bedrooms (2 occupants/room) $719/month*
3 bedrooms (3 occupants/room) $632/month*

*rates are subject to change / **also check out our off-campus mealplan / ***there is also an activity fee for the Community Council which is $27/yr