Comings & Goings

October 13, 2015

WELCOME: Victoriano Patino Jr, Pot Washer, Portola…Duane Johnson & Sarah Villardo, Assistant Student Leadership Coordinators, Residential & Community Living…Dylan Bolf, ResNet Technician, Administrative & Residential Information Technology…Harley Hall, Catering Chef, Residential Dining Services…Alexander Kosman & Sergio Reyes, Cooks, Carrillo Dining Commons…James Holberton & Manuel Torres, Cooks, De La Guerra Dining Commons…Tyler Miller, Assistant Director, Residential & Community Living…Richard Dolan, Locksmith, Residential Operations…Alvaro Perez, Sr. Building Maintenance Worker, Residential Operations…Clara Godoy, Alma Jaimes & Itze Sandoval, Sr. Custodians, Residential Operations…Joell Emoto, Resident Director, Anacapa Residence Hall…Mandy Yoshida, Marketing & Social Media Assistant, Associate Vice Chancellor's Office...Rachelle Murphy, Lobby Checker, Ortega Dining Commons...Julian Su, Front House Personnel Supervisor, Carrillo Dining Commons.  

TRANSITIONS: Bradley Hughes has been promoted to Lead Groundskeeper in Residential Operations…Carlos Campos has been promoted to Lead Auto Mechanic in Residential Operations…Ernesto Villegas has been promoted to Sr. Superintendent…Zaul Jimenez has been promoted to Sr. Building Maintenance Worker.

FAREWELL: James Engler, Resident Director of San Nicolas & San Miguel Halls…Brianna Moffitt, Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator, Residential & Community Living…Brian Mathis, Student Leadership Coordinator, Residential & Community Living…Grace Martin, Principal Food Service Supervisor, The Club…Andrea Vargas, Marketing & Social Media Assistant, Executive Director's Office…Rafael Lopez, Cook, Carrillo Dining Commons…Eugene Anthony Sanchez, Sr. Food Service Worker, De La Guerra Dining Commons…Augusto Lopez, Cook, Ortega Dining Commons.

IN MEMORIAM: It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Brenda Irene Stiefel, 58, born in Genoa, OH and recently of Santa Barbara, California. Brenda passed away peacefully in her home in Northwood, Ohio in the early hours of October 21, 2015, due to complications from endometrial cancer. She was surrounded by her family and loved ones throughout her final weeks. Brenda joined UCSB in 1998 where she began her time at Ortega Dining. She worked at Ortega for over six years as a relief cook and later transitioned to their bakery department. She transferred to DLG and worked at the bakery there until 2005, and then she transferred to Portola as a lobby checker. She missed working in the kitchen but quickly found a new passion as she got to know the students and became their friend and surrogate mother. Surviving are her daughter, Laura Amber Stiefel; son, Matthew Morgan Stiefel; siblings, Cynthia, Barbara, David, Linda and Douglas; dear friends, Masaru Nagano and Sandra Lumbreezer; as well as beloved aunt, Valerie Bertok. She was preceded in death by her parents, Kermit and Irene Freimark. May her light shine in the hearts of her loved ones forever.