bike fix-it station
westgate pool
isla vista mural
san nicholas patio furniture
carrillo pool cabanas

Ideas Wanted

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We want to hear from you! Funds have been set aside for new and innovative ideas. Is there anything you’ve heard of or seen at other college campuses that made you say “WOW!” and would be great at UCSB? One service or amenity or innovation that would make you say “WOW!” is _______________. Submit your idea today!* 


And we listen!

The slideshow photos reflect some of the ideas that have been implemented based on student and staff feedback:

  • Bike Fix-It Stations throughout our communities
  • Picnic and BBQ areas throughout our communities
  • IV Murals in collaboration between our Community Housing Office, a UCSB Urban Art Workshop and property managers
  • Soft patio furniture throughout the Residence Hall communities
  • a mini-gym in the Loma Pelona Center
  • an outdoor gym near the east campus residence halls

WOW initiatives currently in the works include:

  • surfboad storage area
  • more hydration stations
  • 4-person air hockey machine at Santa Catalina
  • outdoor pool speakers at Santa Catalina
  • A/V and speaker systems in all Residence Hall Main Lounges


Our Strategic Plan

Seeking new and innovative ideas from our students and staff members is one way we're living out our Strategic Plan, a living document with new goals set annually toward its continued accomplishment. Looking forward to the year 2020, H&RS is focused on providing the “Best Housing Experience” by creating opportunities to get connected in an amazing environment through World Class Facilities, Focus on the Whole Person, Continuous Innovation, and Talented Staff Who Care. We use this plan within all of our units and in collaboration with our residents to focus and build upon our strengths as an organization and to create “The Best Housing Experience” for our residents.